Correct spelling for CONFEDARCY

We think the word confedarcy is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for confedarcy

  • Candidacy(Definition of candidacy)
  • "well," he said reflectively, after listening to captain cy's brief statement of his candidacy, "i cal'late i'll stand in with you, cy.

  • Confers
  • The athenians were vexed at their pretensions, but aristeides said: "the present time is not suitable for disputing with the tegeans about bravery; but to you, men of sparta, and to the rest of the greeks, we say that a particular post neither confers courage nor takes it away, but, that in whatever part of the line you may think fit to place us, we will endeavour so to array our ranks and fight the enemy as not to impair the honour which we have gained in former battles.

  • Confess(Definition of confess)
  • "confess," she said, smiling.

  • Condors
  • When you were little, it seemed to say, for you i was filled with thrilling idols-cannibals and condors, sam, strange wonder-ships and sailors adventuring to heathen lands.

  • Confessor(Definition of confessor)
  • I am not a saint, but you are not my confessor.

  • Converse(Definition of converse)
  • It is a shame to converse here and not be in the open air.

  • Confidence(Definition of confidence)
  • "i thank you for your confidence in me.

  • Converts
  • Conferees
  • Actually the day preceding the day set for the removal of the finkelsteins arrived before it occurred to the three conferees that they had entirely forgotten until that minute to take the finkelsteins into their confidence-not that it very much mattered; this was but an incidental detail, which before now had been altogether overlooked.

  • Confides
  • Confider(Definition of Confider)
  • Confederacy(Definition of confederacy)
  • I could see he began to suspect a confederacy.

  • Confetti(Definition of confetti)
  • Have you the confetti all ready, patty?"

  • Candace(Definition of Candace)
  • Apparently these moslems never say any prayers, and the candace people feel they've been cheated of a promised sensation of desert life.

  • Confide(Definition of confide)
  • In the course of this long talk milly learned everything about ernestine geyer's life contained in the previous chapter of this book and much more that only a woman could confide in another woman,-intimate details of her honorable struggle.

575 words made from the letters confedarcy

3 letter words made from confedarcy:

dry, ceo, cry, rad, any, fed, era, nec, coy, yon, end, ado, ane, arc, ode, oca, for, fdr, fey, far, fad, ade, red, yea, rod, ern, rye, cro, ace, ray, day, don, yen, roc, dec, cay, cer, doa, foe, eon, roe, oaf, dna, rya, can, ecc, ecf, nod, fen, nrc, doc, ref, ney, car, nad, aec, neo, ayr, oed, ron, doe, fan, nay, dye, cad, cfc, oar, one, are, ear, fry, con, ore, fda, rna, dre, den, raf, fao, edo.

4 letter words made from confedarcy:

dyne, nory, dery, deor, dero, once, oncf, roan, endo, fycc, fore, cone, care, oyen, roey, earn, ancy, foye, cafe, faro, read, ayer, ryce, doar, orne, yder, dear, cred, aden, ford, done, rany, edry, crcy, nary, arno, dary, frce, nero, rend, docf, areo, coey, cora, dyar, rady, nard, coca, arey, node, dane, fond, raef, aeon, corn, roye, foyn, dare, ryno, oder, fare, card, ayed, fode, rofe, drye, dace, dano, cron, noer, yorn, rafn, orca, coen, odey, fery, cefn, yenc, acre, ayre, nayd, fern, oday, aney, cane, aero, endy, roaf, cran, drey, redo, noce, dory, ryne, near, face, fary, crye, occy, coya, yafo, nyco, daen, naor, ryad, dran, noya, dyec, dyen, nyro, core, deny, raed, dron, dayn, yoan, royd, cody, eyad, naye, cord, yane, fyre, eady, cony, frea, yaro, yedo, fend, fyra, acne, oran, deca, deaf, reny, road, ofay, fade, oyfe, erny, dray, ayon, eyra, yeda, onay, enad, year, dony, fear, rano, fano, froy, rayo, cyon, yano, ofen, doer, oned, race, fron, erya, eday, facy, cefr, code, odra, yeon, defy, nerd, yarn, frye, onca, acer, fray, ryfe, ofce, reay, cyan, dean, enof, darn, fyne, orad, dayo, deyo, afro, dyno, cero, yacc, reno, yore, fado, coda, racy, yoed, freo, yard, oena, cade, donc, frey, narc, aery, eoan, noyd, roen, nyra, dyer, rony, noye, enyo, arcy, rand.

5 letter words made from confedarcy:

daner, fayre, credo, croad, acone, yadon, canoy, crean, caney, eofan, deyan, cayer, adone, noder, corny, denar, rayon, defar, cance, dorce, nayer, ancre, foran, fedco, aryne, foard, fardc, frond, drace, nodar, decor, forcy, dafoe, drane, cyano, nyora, facer, aerdy, nayed, yaden, rodya, acorn, eryon, cofer, derny, draco, doner, faned, dayro, crode, corfe, foden, coeca, dacre, canor, oracy, rodna, nayef, raney, farne, derna, crena, nefac, acned, farce, cedar, radyo, corna, fancy, raden, coyer, aynor, afyon, cryan, racey, ready, arone, fendy, corca, cracy, drafn, freya, drone, coner, force, doyne, frade, neday, frace, darne, crncy, doren, orden, cyane, ranco, adeno, rocan, canoe, noyed, farey, croce, narod, faery, ocean, onder, decay, cenco, rando, coden, andry, crane, randy, dreno, cayne, foray, ndoye, ycond, corda, yacon, reyad, drona, crecy, faryd, yeard, ercan, neary, acrey, cafer, darco, yaren, carno, norea, creon, rocca, coder, facey, yanco, ferdy, rodef, anode, nacry, narcy, decry, crony, yarco, deroy, frend, ceroc, cadre, fored, acero, cycad, franc, frano, yared, yearn, oecad, fonda, orena, darey, cayon, fayer, ceron, rande, cynar, ronca, nacer, caeco, froda, faden, frady, fread, caner, conca, fayed, cfcda, doney, orney, cocea, oread, oncer, radon, rocen, noyce, foyne, adorn, fayne, deary, necro, nored, ferny, afren, fearn, nacco, arced, cador, frane, fadno, ornda, erdan, roady, caroe, focac, roden, freyd, coney, crace, adorf, candy, cryed, ordan, ronya, cerna, cerdo, corne, coday, renco, danco, nerad, recco, fonar, feron, aford, yoder, carco, afcon, creno, neyra, decaf, faced, caryo, donar, nardo, roday, fandy, afond, cando, doyen, redon, coade, deacy, foner, cored, roney, nerdy, onery, craon, nacre, cerny, yonce, fcade, cenac, roade, dorne, dacer, conry, croan, yodfa, orfan, erfan, dance, fedya, cyder, crone, erany, cardy, faroe, adore, cofan, dafen, onaye, cornd, rayno, decoy, dayer, foyer, reccy, racon, yacef, dorna, foday, arfed.