Correct spelling for CONFERDACY

We think the word conferdacy is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for conferdacy

  • Converter(Definition of converter)
  • Confirms
  • Candidacy(Definition of candidacy)
  • Furthermore, the man she loved-for yes, she loved him still-was in jail, his candidacy collapsed, the cause for which he stood a ruin.

  • Conferrers
  • Confess(Definition of confess)
  • "will you let me confess something to you?

  • Conferees
  • Coniferous(Definition of coniferous)
  • Professor parker and his brother write of it: this animal is essentially arboreal in its habits, inhabiting chiefly thick coniferous woods, whence its name of pine marten is derived.

  • Concerts
  • We meet people of zola's sort every day in third-class railway carriages and first, on the tops of omnibuses and in chelsea drawing-rooms, at the music-hall, at the opera, at classical concerts, and in bond street galleries.

  • Confidence(Definition of confidence)
  • "i wouldn't, mr. grant," he said; "it will only make you lose confidence in yourself when it doesn't work out."

  • Logicalizes
  • Hard-Time
  • Converts
  • Concords
  • We will now start from this fundamental identity of the octave, and with it trace the genesis of other concords and discords; bearing in mind that the history of harmony is the history of artistic instincts and not a series of progressive scientific theories.

  • Confers
  • Confederacy(Definition of confederacy)
  • All of them were young men, as yet without any military fame, and there was no one there who could tell them that their little band of roadhunters contained one commander-in-chief and one lieutenant-general of the armies of the southern confederacy, and one commander-in-chief and four major-generals, or corps commanders, of the armies of the united states.

  • Conifers
  • Converters
  • Conforms
  • Convert(Definition of convert)
  • The company then set forth the conditions under which they proposed to convert themselves into an agency for paying off the national debt, and making a profit for themselves.

  • Converse(Definition of converse)
  • Taking him aside he then entered into earnest converse with him about the object of his mission.

  • Concedes
  • It has been objected that this doctrine is equivalent to a recognition of the right of secession, because it concedes the power of any one state to withdraw from the union.

  • Candace(Definition of Candace)
  • It was, in fact, though candace did not know it, the famous bellevue avenue, which in summer is the favorite drive for all fashionable persons, and thronged from end to end on every fair afternoon by all manner of vehicles, from dainty pony-wagons to enormous mail-coaches.

  • Confetti(Definition of confetti)
  • Your mad career generally ended in a crowd and a free fight of confetti.

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