Correct spelling for CONFESSIN

We think the word confessin is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for confessin

  • Confessed
  • Do you know what you've done, and confessed to doing?

  • Confess(Definition of confess)
  • So you may as well confess: what sort of woman is she?

  • Confesses
  • It resulted in the success of the confederates; but every impartial man confesses that these cavalry fights are miserable affairs.

  • Confers
  • But there's a pearl of great price, whose worth is untold, it can never he purchased with silver or gold; great peace it confers upon all to whom given, ever cheering their pathway, and pointing to heaven.

  • Confessing
  • Take then, daughter, take our blessing, it comes forth from loving hearts; though we shrink hot from confessing oft we fail to act our parts.

  • Confusing(Definition of confusing)
  • This confusing remark was added.

  • Conversing
  • They thought also, they could thus have an opportunity of conversing with me.

  • Confessor(Definition of confessor)
  • To be just a father confessor!

  • Confession(Definition of confession)
  • Listen to me: i have a dreadful confession to make!"

200 words made from the letters confessin

4 letter words made from confessin:

scen, inec, enif, fien, enic, ices, sens, onen, fine, nein, noce, fess, feio, ssef, once, nofs, finn, onni, ofce, sinn, coss, conn, sine, sein, icon, cons, sion, cefn, neon, sise, enof, sone, ness, coif, info, foes, eons, nose, osen, ofen, cone, sefo, seso, fins, foie, foni, sfio, noen, oncf, sins, fois, inns, coen, seoi, onne, nice, nine, coin, fens, scsi, cenn, none, icse, fise, feni.

5 letter words made from confessin:

cenon, ensco, nicon, onnes, cones, senio, conne, onnie, soens, eosin, isone, seoni, nonis, cines, icons, coens, ennio, siens, ifoce, fenis, socie, fenin, fosse, inson, fones, niess, onces, eison, nisos, ensis, sifon, ineos, cnosf, sonse, nones, senin, sonin, nison, confs, sinon, nonce, iseco, senni, icfes, neifs, soins, censo, fonic, ninos, coifs, fenno, fison, senoi, finne, onsen, cnnsi, cione, fices, seifs, cisne, sonce, sosin, ioses, iness, sinne, fosen, enfin, sones, sonic, ciose, fines, sisco, sisno, nesci, ficos, coses, infos, einon, necon, inose, sices, scion, sonne, scone, cions, esson, conns, nicen, foins, scien, conse, sinno, finno, fenni, seson, conen, enson, niefs, sison, sinoe, noise, sinse.

3 letter words made from confessin:

foe, ies, cns, sen, fen, fin, nec, eon, ecf, inn, nne, nsc, iso, cos, sec, sis, one, son, sif, sse, ion, con, eos, sos, cis, fes, sic, cio, sin, ifc, ice, neo, ceo.