Correct spelling for CONFISENCE

We think the word confisence is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for confisence

  • conference Press conference in twenty minutes.
  • confidence We have very little confidence in any of it.
  • confluence Between the confluence of Big and Little Crawling Stone, and on the east side of Little Crawling Stone, lies a vast waste.
  • connivance The useless executions in the Place de l'Estrapade, that of the king's tailor and the more recent one of the Councillor Anne du Bourg, the actual connivance of the great lords, and that of the favorite of Francois I. with the Reformers, were terrible indications.
  • conscience I will make you no reproaches at present, for I think your conscience is doing that for me.
  • convince This, at least, is the constant and unshaken opinion of all experienced persons and those versed in Philippine affairs; and if, by the substantial reasons and existing circumstances, I convince myself sufficiently to openly recommend war to be undertaken against the Moros and pushed with the utmost vigor, and more particularly commencing the work by a formal invasion of Jolo; still, as I feel myself incompetent to trace a precise plan, or to discuss the minute details more immediately connected with the object, I feel it necessary to confine myself to the pointing out, in general terms, of the means I judge most conducive to the happy issue of so arduous but important an enterprise, leaving the rest to more able and experienced hands.

228 words made from the letters confisence

5 letter words made from confisence:

feces, conne, conns, cnosf, enone, infos, cions, foins, noise, fices, einen, ciose, scion, cenon, finno, sinoe, scene, fence, eosin, inose, cosec, niefs, fosen, senen, fenno, seoni, eines, sence, enson, onnes, ensco, inese, cines, ficos, ences, inson, nison, ninos, onsen, necon, niese, neeco, eison, niece, cones, nicen, seein, iseco, ifoce, nonce, conse, seine, icons, cocis, scone, nenes, cione, conen, sonce, sonic, nones, censo, eneco, seeif, cense, senio, onnie, necci, nesci, senin, isone, cfsci, ineos, eisen, senoi, seife, senni, sonin, fense, cenco, fonic, cisco, fison, fines, sonne, enfin, ennie, nicon, cnnsi, senec, conic, einon, eofen, confs, feens, sinon, fones, icfes, sifon, fenin, cisne, ceceo, coens, senne, sinno, finne, socie, sconc, onces, coifs, nonis, sinne, fiene, ennio, cofee, fenis, cisce, neifs, fenni, cesic, scien, cenci, cecin.

4 letter words made from confisence:

fise, fois, osen, conn, nice, noce, eons, foes, once, oncf, neon, enof, sinn, sein, ofen, fens, nine, inec, fins, cons, cone, fien, fine, scen, sfio, seen, icon, seoi, cnnc, nece, info, seef, feio, coen, foie, onne, nein, nofs, cene, none, sene, icse, cenn, onen, coin, sion, ofce, feni, cefn, eien, sefo, finn, scee, ices, foni, onni, inns, enic, sone, enif, cisc, coif, nose, sine, feen, noen.

3 letter words made from confisence:

fes, cis, fin, see, sec, cio, eec, nsc, sif, sin, eos, sic, eon, inn, one, cos, ecc, cfc, nec, fen, ese, iso, son, ice, fee, ene, neo, ion, nee, icc, ifc, con, ies, ecf, sen, nne, ceo, cns, foe.

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