Correct spelling for CONFORTED

We think the word conforted is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for conforted

  • Concerted(Definition of concerted)
  • Yes, the northern tyrol was free; but the south, the italian tyrol, was groaning yet under the yoke of french oppression, and andreas hofer intended to march thither with his forces, as he had concerted at vienna with the archduke john and hormayr, in order to bring to the italian tyrolese the liberty which the german tyrolese had already conquered.

  • Confided
  • Was it possible that she had confided to miss ingate her fearful secret?

  • Connoted(Definition of Connoted)
  • These terms were used more in the early days of aviation, when airplanes were extremely rare, and connoted bravery and adventure.

  • Confuted(Definition of Confuted)
  • "what made you come up here, now?" he asked with that glowering legal air of his; thrusting the question at me as if i must, now, be finally confuted.

  • Conformed
  • Set your faces towards the cross with loving, reverent gaze, and you will 'be conformed unto his death,' that in due time you may 'be also in the likeness of his resurrection.

  • Conferred
  • Small would have been the value of the favor conferred had they bestowed themselves on the prince of orange; but their connection with royalty made them so much the more formidable as opponents.

  • Consorted(Definition of Consorted)
  • Contorted(Definition of contorted)
  • She could see him lying beside the pool or out on the bare plain, his resolute eyes cold and glassy, his powerful body contorted in the death agony.

  • Converted
  • Heaven knows general grant had now converted them into good and earnest rebels.

  • Comforted(Definition of comforted)
  • Nevertheless, david felt the unspoken sympathy of his neighbours, and returned home comforted.

  • Confirmed(Definition of confirmed)
  • When we were going away, this was confirmed, but i took no notice.

  • Conflated
  • Bolton distinguished between acrostichum ilvense and acrostichum alpina, now woodsia ilvensis and woodsia alpina respectively, which had previously been conflated.

321 words made from the letters conforted

4 letter words made from conforted:

fode, doon, donc, ento, tono, freo, tore, coto, fron, toor, oort, oont, reno, tero, roen, node, foro, foot, codo, tecn, door, enof, tofo, fern, odor, noce, cred, toer, oder, tord, cero, oreo, tref, roof, cone, frot, cert, cefr, roco, frce, orto, odeo, coon, fend, tend, torn, nerd, rent, noer, cfdt, redo, oord, note, otoe, dent, rend, rotc, rood, deft, cord, onoe, doot, rote, ofce, odet, dron, nfte, fret, docf, code, doft, tern, endo, oncf, noto, font, cron, coot, ford, dono, orne, ecto, toed, droo, etoo, orte, dero, cefn, food, otro, done, fond, rofe, root, ofen, fore, rono, octo, coen, orno, core, fort, oton, ondo, tone, corn, foon, oned, foor, ordo, oedo, once, cote, dote, doto, nero, deor, doof, cent, treo, doer.

3 letter words made from conforted:

etc, don, fed, dec, toe, ecf, ono, doe, ern, crt, ore, oed, fdr, ted, oto, not, tod, eon, red, ent, ron, nrc, too, tor, coo, end, roc, rod, ofo, fen, ton, cro, one, edo, rot, for, nec, doc, ect, ode, den, dot, foe, cer, con, ert, oct, dre, nod, tec, otc, tnf, ref, ret, neo, cot, trf, ten, eft, net, ceo, ter, oft, roe.

5 letter words made from conforted:

feron, roden, dreno, coden, oncor, roten, toder, tecno, onore, forte, ordon, cofer, odero, onfor, foner, tronc, treon, roton, drone, coder, oncet, fondo, ceron, forno, foden, orten, decor, doorn, retno, corte, certo, oneto, tenco, cnote, coton, trend, dorne, doren, nocte, conto, fedot, coner, treco, trono, coted, toner, creon, tenor, corot, orden, orent, troon, ordet, corne, front, coron, dooce, often, nored, codon, dorce, tordo, dorte, toroc, toone, ntoro, odone, toned, necro, oncer, force, fored, econo, doner, rotec, condo, roneo, roode, corfe, ooten, tendo, corto, rodeo, tooer, renco, crode, cornd, froot, cerdo, ronte, toron, otero, foord, recto, onder, donor, doone, oneof, dorot, coote, roodt, donot, rocen, netco, fonte, croft, torno, cored, treno, foton, noted, fonet, redon, noort, crodo, cooer, credo, ecton, noder, coore, noord, detro, frood, doten, creno, torne, frend, rondo, fetor, frond, rodef, fedco, crood, crone, fendt, croon.