Correct spelling for CONGUER

We think the word conguer is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for conguer

  • canker He forgot the presidency that was to be handed out to him; he forgot everything but the horrid canker that gnawed into his heart and brain.
  • codger But no matter, the old codger will not be here until Saturday night, and there'll be time enough to coax her.
  • concur The second rule of Policy-the master maxim of political wisdom-is, that no class of men must be expected to concur heartily, for extirpating the evils, from which its own revenues and importance are derived.
  • confer Mr. Fenwick has great confidence in your judgment, and would, I know, like to confer with you.
  • conga Two types of dance music (at least) owe their origin to comparsa music: Conga: an adaptation of comparsa music and dance for social dances.
  • conger And Mr. Conger paused and scrutinized his client closely.
  • congo More than any other land, Africa lies in the tropics, with a warm, dry climate, save in the central Congo region, where rain at all seasons brings tropical luxuriance.
  • conjure By the soul of your father, who used to call me his truest friend, I conjure you to listen to this noble stranger."
  • conjurer Perhaps the magician would give me a magic wand, and I would do things like the conjurer last Christmas.
  • conker Betty Draper, on Mad Men, whom Don Draper affectionately refers to as "Birdie" Birdie the Early Bird, the first identifiably female McDonaldland character Birdy, in the Conker series Birdy, also known as Torii, a robotic pet in Gundam SEED and Gundam SEED Destiny Birdy, a Marvel Comics villain Birdy the Mighty Music Birdy (Birdy album) (2011) Birdy (Peter Gabriel album), 1985 soundtrack of the film Birdy Birdy, an album by Bloodthirsty Butchers "Birdy", a song from the 2001 single "Remember Me" by British Sea Power Other Birdy (novel), by William Wharton Birdy (film), starring Matthew Modine and Nicolas Cage, based on Whartons novel
  • conquer Is France to conquer England first?
  • longer Obe was no longer upon him.
  • longueur
  • monger
  • Cong Tuition 156.50 Wilmington, Cong.
  • Conner Bartender" (Baker, Barnett, Fyffe, Thomas, Williams) - 3:28 "Sit Down" (featuring Lil Jon) (Baker, Lamar Edwards, Glaze, Prince, Richardson, Thomas) - 3:34 "Certified" (Baker, Thomas, Webb) - 3:27 "Hey" (Baker, Barnett, Perry, Thomas) - 4:32 "Like Me" (Baker, Thomas, Webb) - 3:10 "Let It Bang" (Baker, Barnett, Thomas) - 4:10 "Old You" (Baker, Conner, Conner, Covington, Jackson, Thomas) - 4:06 "Go 2 Work" (Baker, Thomas) - 3:08 "Show Um Off" (Baker, Thomas) - 3:14 "Spazin Out" (Baker, Thomas) - 3:30 "Papi Ova Derr" (Baker, Thomas) - 3:27
  • conquers The maxim that "Labour conquers all things" holds especially true in the case of the conquest of knowledge.
  • congers "That box came from Congers," he said, as if in a reverie.
  • tongue

165 words made from the letters conguer

4 letter words made from conguer:

gorn, guen, ruen, crue, once, onur, enur, grce, ourn, reno, ogre, egco, uren, unco, oure, geun, onge, noce, gore, cung, cron, goer, gone, rune, ungo, runo, nego, unge, cone, nuoc, noer, rung, euro, core, grue, roen, oger, orge, cero, orne, uner, nero, cgnu, renu, coue, urge, oung, genu, cego, cuon, ueno, gonu, ruge, guro, gure, roue, nuer, cure, urgo, ecru, coen, corn, ouen, uong, ergo, oreg.

3 letter words made from conguer:

ern, cog, nrc, gnu, cur, ngu, gur, cer, urn, gun, eon, con, erg, neo, gen, uro, ron, nec, nog, ego, ore, run, roe, ecg, rue, cue, cro, one, roc, rug, ceo.

5 letter words made from conguer:

goner, cornu, necro, regno, rengo, crone, noreg, gruen, goure, genro, creno, grone, ronge, guero, egnor, corge, rogue, conge, rogun, ceron, groce, rouge, cogen, neuro, crego, renco, runco, runge, ergun, rocen, corne, orgun, regco, creon, rogne, negro, oncer, grecu, negru, cuero, ounce, norge, erugo, rogen, engro, greco, cuneo, gonce, roeun, unger, guren, ogren, cuong, coner, renou, coreg, groen, rugen, grune.

6 letter words made from conguer:

cunego, conger, urenco, uncore, gueron, guenoc, uncoer, gouren, gencor.

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