Correct spelling for CONISOUR

We think the word conisour is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for conisour

  • candour How far you will agree with my opinions regarding it I cannot say, but of one thing I am sure, that you will judge with candour and charity.
  • canister Again, he had to render his canister of explosive so sensitive to any shock that he realised if he tied the cord around it and flung it out into the night the can might go off when the string was jerked tight and the explosion take place in mid-air above the street.
  • censor His very appointment as censor was due to the bottle-acquaintance that had sprung up with the regent Prince of Wales.
  • cns The preganglionic fibers originate within the CNS in the superior salivatory nucleus and leave as the intermediate nerve (which some consider a separate cranial nerve altogether) to connect with the facial nerve just distal (further out) to it surfacing the central nervous system.
  • coiner While a Senator, Coiner supported efforts by the Friends of Minidoka nonprofit organization to incorporate the Japanese-American internment during World War II into the history curriculum of Idaho public schools.
  • concise The omission of the verb, "will be or rise," is quite suited to the concise and abrupt style of the divine word.
  • concourse It was the gravest assemblage that was ever gathered together in that city-a veritable concourse of Spartan mothers.
  • concur I am always careful to select one whom all will concur in respecting and of whom they will feel no jealousy when they are censured.
  • condor And still the Condor is afloat, rolling from beam to beam; her tall smooth masts as yet in her, her rigging aright, and her bulwarks unbroken.
  • confessor
  • conifer
  • connoisseur
  • connors
  • conscious
  • consider
  • consign
  • console
  • consort
  • consul
  • consular
  • consume
  • consumer
  • contour
  • copious
  • monsieur
  • Conics
  • Councilor
  • Coins Esther sat down again by the coins.
  • Corns
  • joins
  • concurs Mueller (1958) concurs that Hegel was not a proponent of thesis, antithesis, and synthesis, and clarifies what the concept of dialectic might have meant in Hegels thought.
  • condors Animals such as, flamingos, condors, spectacled bears, mountain lions, coyotes, llamas, and sheep live near Alpacas when they are in their natural habitat.
  • cans One of the miners had opened a couple of cans of preserved pine-apples; the coffee was hot, the meats and the biscuits were ready, and so the simple supper was served.
  • cons
  • contours
  • cones
  • CAINS Adah, Cains sister and wife Zillah, Abels sister and wife Lucifer, Angel of the Lord
  • noisier
  • condos
  • cornier
  • gumpest
  • harvesttimes

171 words made from the letters conisour

3 letter words made from conisour:

iso, nsc, con, son, ion, irs, roc, cur, cro, ono, run, sic, rio, cos, sir, uni, sin, uns, sun, uro, oui, coo, icu, urn, cns, iou, sou, cis, sur, nsu, nrc, ron, cio.

5 letter words made from conisour:

inscr, corus, croon, scoon, coirs, orius, nouri, ronis, couso, ursin, nisou, cious, coiro, coons, rusci, runic, rinso, orion, orosi, onuci, nuoro, ciosu, siron, unoci, souci, nucis, uncos, crius, cions, scour, curin, incur, urino, soron, curio, corso, cosio, cursi, ourso, noirs, srinu, ruins, curns, surin, coron, isoun, nicor, rosin, ornis, rouco, curso, sonic, rosic, corsi, rison, coion, roons, corni, rusco, surco, icons, oinos, roins, ircon, cornu, couns, runco, rusin, corio, irons, risco, cours, scion, orcus, soori, incus, curis, scorn, oncor, nioro.

4 letter words made from conisour:

ooru, osco, nicu, soon, coir, nsui, sour, iron, runo, suon, osun, coin, roco, nous, suor, suco, rico, sonu, ourn, orio, cuon, soor, suin, rono, noir, cron, irun, coos, suro, rous, onur, uric, unco, inus, riou, runs, risc, sion, scun, icon, orno, ruin, iuno, nori, ouro, noio, onos, coon, suir, nuoc, cons, corn, suoi, crus, unio, oons, urns, onus.

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