What is the correct spelling for CONONTATIONS?

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Correct spelling for CONONTATIONS

We think the word conontations is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for conontations

  • Contusions Easy also for me to enter into a catalogue of broken limbs, ribs, fractures, contusions, gashes, etc, etc-I shall leave it to the surgical imagination.
  • conditions What these conditions are the following blank given to the writer by a Catholic bishop shows: In Casu Disparitatis Cultus.
  • contentions We will begin with the problem of the physical conceptions of space and time and matter, which, as we have seen, are challenged by the contentions of the evolutionists.
  • contortions He found something comic in the pantomime of the puppets, "whose every motion is effected by wires, who imitate the gestures of despair with hands that cannot shut, and, with a wooden gravity of countenance, throw their bodies into terrible contortions to make up for the lack of expression in the face."
  • connotations Contrived acronyms Acronyms are sometimes contrived, that is, deliberately designed to be especially apt for the thing being named (by having a dual meaning or by borrowing the positive connotations of an existing word).
  • continuations The "little hall," with "a little lantern in its roof," and its weathercock, is still there, and the stroller down that most businesslike thoroughfare, known in its various continuations as "High Holborn," "Holborn Bars," and "Holborn Viaduct," will find it difficult to resist the allurements of the crazy old timbered frontage of Staple Inn, with its wooden gateway and tiny shops, looking for all the world like a picture from out of an old book.
  • harefooted
  • harhar

386 words made from the letters conontations

3 letter words made from conontations:

ion, can, tat, not, cns, ain, cis, cst, sot, ton, cio, nit, cos, act, cia, son, oas, iso, sac, otc, con, tia, sic, nsc, cat, tan, tao, ant, tnt, tai, oct, sit, tin, oca, tot, inn, cot, tic, nan, tit, too, ans, ono, coo, oat, ani, oto, sat, sin.

5 letter words made from conontations:

natin, noons, tonti, tanno, toton, nicon, tsion, nooni, inson, nonno, canoo, cosan, aiono, atoni, sanin, tonic, astin, ninan, coast, titan, oonts, osita, sonin, nonan, insta, tonci, toits, icons, incas, notas, coost, annos, oints, nanno, notin, tints, tacit, nonis, insan, cotti, naito, stain, cinoa, saton, sinta, tinta, sinno, notos, ninas, cinna, isnot, caion, toona, octan, tasci, toosi, tonos, conns, tanit, otson, toica, sinna, canot, titoo, nonia, tcisa, sonic, oscan, tiant, citta, anios, ascot, sacoi, casto, canto, taosi, nanto, canno, taits, totin, ninna, scoot, actin, cions, nonos, taito, canio, satti, coots, cinto, natio, coion, oinos, stoia, scott, osona, ansco, satto, coons, cotto, costo, tosti, nntst, tonto, noosa, tista, aints, nansi, tanco, tatin, conti, ninoa, titon, sanon, nooit, ontic, taint, santi, tocai, toons, sitno, cants, sonti, satin, stint, sitta, canns, nason, socan, scant, tiano, cosio, cinta, cantt, stonn, cnnsi, stoit, siano, conon, canon, ation, tonna, ticao, nison, noson, conta, scoon, niton, sinan, canst, snoot, soton, notti, anoto, tinca, coits, stann, tanto, iotas, toast, conto, ocain, actos, natos, sotti, ciona, nonni, scion, tonis, ianto, cotai, coati, onias, tanti, coton, otaci, ionno, tions, ninos, tatoo, tatoi, sanno, intan, nitto, casio, tnstc, tinos, noono, tonin, coats, tanni, cotan, caito, stati, antic, tinct, catos, otani, sinon, nisan, saint, stoai, canis, anion, catto, satit, noica, nicot, iacon, tosin, onion, notat, stono, actio, otton, const, caton, osani, octas, costa, stoic, tanon, attic, ninon, stato, saito, niota, annon, ciano, toots, anino, aiton, natto, antos, stoat, inano, ostan.

4 letter words made from conontations:

nina, onca, iton, otoo, tian, tono, inca, tati, tons, otti, anio, oono, oton, cooo, soot, taos, onno, nito, otic, tito, octo, toit, coot, cats, nian, snot, itno, stoo, noon, anti, oita, onon, oons, asin, noio, tiao, toso, scot, asio, soon, nono, sian, toot, nano, tion, scat, nato, cost, inst, sant, osco, onos, octa, sita, sann, nast, coon, cots, coin, tint, ciao, nits, oont, tnts, inns, naso, toti, acts, snit, coat, inoa, cain, tato, cast, taco, nona, oast, cans, tact, coto, cons, nonn, noto, tsoo, icon, cant, otis, onni, nooo, iott, conn, scan, icao, iota, taon, toci, tits, coos, sion, sinn.

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