Correct spelling for CONQUIRE

We think the word conquire is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for conquire

  • concur Your Lordship will have the goodness to excuse me, if I state in strong terms the difficulties attending a measure which on the whole I heartily concur in.
  • conjure This is not as pleasant as the picture that one can conjure up about a fireplace and thus creates a bit more resistance since no one wants to feel uncomfortable.
  • conjurer While she wandered on, noticing nothing, Aspa's sharp eyes were watching a group of Goths and Italians which surrounded the platform of a conjurer, who appeared, from the astonishment and laughter of the spectators, to be performing new and marvellous tricks.
  • conquer It took all the strength of the Romans to conquer Caractacus alone.
  • conquered Then all of them conquered the desire to laugh and returned to the inquest with added severity.
  • conqueror Come, Soliman, let us measure our strength together, and if you come off conqueror I shall not care; let the waters of the Oster do their worst."
  • enquirer They are varied in subject, suave, easy and conversational in manner, more polished in style than those of the Enquirer, if a good deal thinner in matter.
  • inquire But my call this morning was, in part, to inquire about a lady."
  • inquirer I recollect his coming one day into the office of the Christian Inquirer, with his head up as usual, and calling out in a loud voice: "Where do you think I went on my way down town?"
  • Concurred My companion bravely concurred.
  • Conjured Overcome with emotion at the thoughts which were conjured up, he retired into a corner and wept.
  • conquers Crowds though he conquers, thickening crowds remain; For all united wage on him the war.
  • conjures It dreams, I admit, but it conjures up, in its dreams, visions that are at once accepted and understood by the whole of a social group.

173 words made from the letters conquire

3 letter words made from conquire:

ion, cio, qur, ire, cur, ore, neo, cer, urn, nec, ice, con, icu, one, iou, uro, rue, nrc, oui, ern, roc, unq, ron, eon, run, cue, cro, rio, roe, uni, ceo.

5 letter words made from conquire:

ircon, creno, coqnu, roeun, noire, crone, curin, neuro, ounce, curio, nique, cornu, unoci, quern, nerio, creon, inure, urine, irone, quorn, rione, cuero, neuri, rocen, nicor, runic, oquin, cuneo, renou, qurei, coire, ureic, roine, quoin, coqui, corne, crine, erion, quire, qurie, corni, quero, euric, curie, runco, cione, quien, renco, onuci, ceron, ourie, coner, cunei, qiren, urino, quino, quine, urein, nouri, recio, incur, cerio, oncer, qorei, ruine, eiron, quori, reino, necro.

4 letter words made from conquire:

qrio, cero, iron, cone, nuoc, unie, once, nuer, coue, ecru, noir, cure, equi, icon, urie, ueno, reni, rein, unqi, uric, noer, quoi, ourn, roue, onur, corn, nero, inec, unio, unco, rune, enur, quoc, noce, renu, orne, roen, rice, riou, cuon, runo, quen, nice, nori, ouen, enic, cinq, iuno, quin, eriu, rieu, coir, irun, ruen, uner, oure, reno, uren, ruin, euro, erni, qore, quon, rico, core, euoi, nicu, coen, iure, uniq, cron, crue, coin.

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