Correct spelling for CONSISANT

We think the word consisant is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for consisant

  • Consist(Definition of consist)
  • For the slaughter of a cow the bilaspur bharias inflict the severe punishment of nine daily feasts to the caste, or one for each limb of the cow, the limbs being held to consist of the legs, ears, horns and tail.

  • Consistent(Definition of consistent)
  • In either case she would be consistent, and nothing would seriously mar the joy of her anticipation.

  • Consent(Definition of consent)
  • Second, would your mamma consent?

  • Constant(Definition of constant)
  • Oswald still continued very silent, but he kept a constant, anxious watch on his cousin.

  • Conversant(Definition of conversant)
  • As to weekly wages paid, i hazard the following as the judgement of those conversant with the respective branches, viz.

  • Consonant(Definition of consonant)
  • This also is ridiculous, that while they preserved an obedience to their laws, and no one opposed their being governed by them, they lost the means of being honourable: but these people understand not rightly what sort of government it is which ought to reflect honour on the legislator; for a government of freemen is nobler than despotic power, and more consonant to virtue.

  • Consisting
  • The village, consisting of a temple and twenty houses, is placed on the slope of the hill.

292 words made from the letters consisant

3 letter words made from consisant:

nsc, sac, sin, cia, cat, iso, tss, ton, tai, tia, cns, sot, act, not, otc, sos, cst, oas, cio, ain, sat, ant, con, sit, oct, can, oca, sis, sic, cos, nit, tao, ion, oat, tan, cis, cot, ass, ans, tin, nan, inn, tic, ani, son.

5 letter words made from consisant:

isnot, sinas, scans, tonin, caion, inson, aints, casts, oasts, saton, sonin, otaci, insan, notin, sosin, nisos, stais, natio, snots, sisco, tinca, tasci, nison, scant, canno, sista, stoas, nscsa, stoic, actio, tanon, tonna, sonic, casso, octas, naito, sacoi, canio, oints, nisas, tanni, sonti, ocain, soins, oscan, nansi, tassi, saics, ticao, stonn, ossia, const, sisno, cinta, tocai, coast, tonci, insas, ninas, tcisa, tinos, nassi, ascot, natos, nason, tiano, nisan, sants, osani, actin, stoai, ciano, aiton, sains, nicon, ansco, socan, ninos, cinto, saist, scots, notas, conta, saito, nanto, coits, conti, antos, coats, sanno, sason, cotan, stain, cissa, cinoa, antic, onias, cions, anino, sison, ation, noica, canst, sinon, issan, cnnsi, osita, tosin, sanso, ciona, nonis, iacon, taosi, niota, sinna, santi, tions, sansi, assin, annos, inano, stann, nicot, sanon, oasis, cants, niton, ianto, cinna, scion, sitno, ninoa, astin, sinno, saint, sinta, toica, sians, nonia, conns, casio, octan, siano, costs, canis, stasi, actos, caito, canns, costa, anios, sinan, tasso, casto, cosan, ostan, insta, tosas, stoia, caton, iotas, anion, sanin, ontic, coati, tanno, incas, tonis, canot, catos, otani, canon, intan, canto, natin, atoni, tanco, tonic, tsion, icons, satin, cotai.

4 letter words made from consisant: