Correct spelling for CONSTET

We think the word constet is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for constet

  • Costed
  • Consorted(Definition of Consorted)
  • Conceit(Definition of conceit)
  • The poem was to have been "a continued allegory or dark conceit," in twelve books, the hero of each book representing one of the twelve moral virtues.

  • Contested(Definition of contested)
  • Counted
  • Coasted(Definition of Coasted)
  • Coasted down after a few of the boys had a look at shiloh.

  • Canted(Definition of canted)
  • She canted her head suddenly, and looked sidewise at him with an expression half satiric, half indignant.

  • Consort(Definition of consort)
  • Sir theodore martin, who quotes lady lyttelton's letters in the "life of the prince consort," gives such a hymn, which is a paraphrase of the 121st psalm, as it appears in the coburg gesang-buch, and supplies a translation of the verse in question.

  • Canister(Definition of canister)
  • We ran foul of a howitzer launch, which turned loose on us with shrapnel and canister, and gave me this broken arm and beardsley a black and blue shoulder."

  • Consisted
  • The country afterwards became a trifle less scrubby, and consisted of sandhills, timbered with casuarina, and covered, as usual, with triodia.

  • Conceited(Definition of conceited)
  • "ah," she resumed, with a mischievous smile, "you are a conceited boy!

  • Contest(Definition of contest)
  • Consulted
  • Consented
  • When she consented to take her husband's niece as a governess-pupil she had been dubious as to the result.

  • Construe(Definition of construe)
  • Constant(Definition of constant)
  • Consist(Definition of consist)
  • But lenau's inner struggle of soul did not consist merely in his vacillating between religious faith and doubt; it was the conflict of instinct with reason.

  • Consent(Definition of consent)
  • "i have very strong grounds for supposing that she would not consent to the arrangement.

  • Consult(Definition of consult)
  • Construed
  • Contd
  • Contort(Definition of contort)
  • Corseted
  • Cosseted
  • Concetta
  • Gennaro, in love with maliella tenor maliella, in love with rafaele soprano rafaele, leader of the camorrists baritone carmela, gennaro's mother mezzo-soprano biaso tenor ciccillo tenor stella soprano concetta soprano serena soprano rocco bass

  • Quonset
  • Connoted(Definition of Connoted)
  • Addington is situated in what is now surrey, and is in close proximity to a place named sanderstead: the sander whose stead or enclosure here stood may be connoted with the french santerre, which district abounds with souterrains: in the valley of the somme alone there are at least thirty "singular excavations" which communicate with parish churches:[925] these santerre and sanderstead similarities may be connoted with the fact that on the coast of durham are caverns hewn in the limestone and known as dane's holes.

  • Concept(Definition of concept)
  • Their philosophy was narrower than that of the knights and their concept of labor solidarity narrower still.

  • Congested(Definition of congested)
  • So a man who was obliged to gaze for a long time at the new churches erected in belfast might afterwards catch himself in the act of admiring the houses which the congested districts board builds in connaught.

  • Concert(Definition of concert)
  • On november 4th i went to a concert with a ticket that the princess had given me.

  • Concerted(Definition of concerted)
  • It served often as an outlet for expression of the negro social mind, now for a renewed determination to break their chains through prayer, then to resort to concerted action on the basis that he who would be free must himself first strike the blow.

  • Consider(Definition of consider)
  • You know-or you will know, if you consider-i cannot open the window and fly.

110 words made from the letters constet

5 letter words made from constet:

notes, const, toste, otten, notte, censo, seton, tents, scone, onset, oncet, nocte, tnstc, ecton, cnote, setto, scent, neots, tones, cetto, toten, totec, stoen, stent, ensco, tenco, scott, tenos, sonce, coens, tenso, tecno, cones, cotte, coset, netco, conse, etons, stone, octet, onces.

4 letter words made from constet:

3 letter words made from constet:

tnt, set, con, nsc, ten, one, cns, etc, ceo, sen, cos, not, sot, otc, neo, nec, est, eon, net, son, toe, oct, tec, tot, tet, ton, sec, cot, ent, cst, ect, eos.