Correct spelling for CONSTRUT

We think the word construt is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for construt

  • Construed
  • An old lady of forfarshire had one of those odd old caleb balderston sort of servants, who construed the dean of st. patrick more literally.

  • Construe(Definition of construe)
  • In greece there were oracles at every turn, and with them prophets who taught the art of adultery and how to construe the past.

  • Construct(Definition of construct)
  • When the artist's imagination would construct, e.

  • Construes
  • Constrict(Definition of constrict)
  • ) ) cerebral blood vessels are able to change the flow of blood through them by altering their diameters in a process called autoregulation; they constrict when systemic blood pressure is raised and dilate when it is lowered.

174 words made from the letters construt

3 letter words made from construt:

nut, cot, run, otc, oct, tot, cos, cst, ron, cut, ton, cro, tnt, tor, roc, sun, uns, rut, urn, crt, cns, sot, nsc, nsu, nrc, tun, son, sur, out, uro, con, rot, utc, sou, cur, not.

4 letter words made from construt:

toun, rust, cuts, onus, curt, runo, trot, tnts, osun, rutt, sonu, onur, nout, utor, suro, sour, otus, torn, suon, turn, cuon, crus, tuor, tout, runs, cunt, tuto, cnut, scot, unco, cutt, urns, scun, cost, ruto, rotc, nous, suco, tort, suor, cron, tous, tsur, ourn, rots, rout, tuno, sort, suto, turo, rous, ruts, corn, tsou, tons, scut, snot, cots, nuts, tour, cons, stun, runt, oust, nuoc.

5 letter words made from construt:

sutro, const, routt, cours, stoun, turns, stout, souct, crust, curto, snort, curst, cutts, ronts, utnsc, turco, totus, tosun, tutor, urton, scutt, torun, surco, truco, strut, crunt, scorn, routs, turnt, turcs, tsort, cutto, tonus, scout, tours, stunt, trout, touts, trots, curso, tsuno, tnstc, scott, snout, sturc, custo, cornu, rusco, tocut, ntust, trons, count, runco, truso, turno, sturn, touns, uncos, trust, orcus, nutro, suton, torus, tronc, court, nutso, scour, corus, rutts, turon, cunts, curns, couns.