Correct spelling for CONTATED

We think the word contated is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for contated

  • contained It contained her legitimate winnings.
  • contented Oh, Speed, I am contented!...
  • contested But what answer will these trading politicians give to the fact, that Major Cartwright obtained only thirty-eight votes during a contested election of fifteen days?
  • contorted As he bent over his plate his face was contorted with emotion, apparently intense anger, and he talked with furious energy, only pausing briefly in the intervals of actual mastication.
  • contused
  • Cogitated He cogitated much in his cabin-one with a private bathroom, for Mr. Twist had what Aunt Alice called ample means-on these two defenceless children.
  • Confuted In the first sense, sir, the charge is too trifling to be confuted, and deserves only to be mentioned, that it may be despised.
  • Connoted The image recalls Basquiat's iconographies of black sports heroes, but Bradfords treatment is far more ambivalent; after all, is the dream connoted by the basketball a beacon of hope or a false promise of the easiest exit from the inner city?
  • Counted
  • contacted Baker McKenzie became an international firm beginning in 1955, when a lawyer in Venezuela contacted Baker McKenzie about opening a joint venture office in Caracas.
  • notated
  • commentated In addition to his playing career, Brindley regularly commentated on SKY Sports Poker Million and acted as an industry spokesman.

235 words made from the letters contated

3 letter words made from contated:

don, ate, nec, otc, tan, ceo, not, eon, dot, doc, can, ent, tet, etc, dec, ane, ted, ado, ten, ace, edo, tnt, act, nod, cad, tad, toe, ton, dna, tat, ant, ode, one, cat, tec, neo, oct, ect, net, con, oed, oat, doa, tea, den, eat, cot, doe, tdt, tot, nad, oca, dat, ade, tao, aec, end, tod, eta.

5 letter words made from contated:

cotan, anted, anode, cando, cante, natte, dante, toned, totec, danco, neato, ocean, danto, caton, dance, oecad, tanco, tanec, coted, tenta, coden, aceto, enact, doten, tenco, atend, acone, cotte, cadet, detto, dotan, cantt, netco, otten, conta, aneto, canoe, atone, noted, coate, adone, canto, datto, oncet, daten, coade, teano, tecno, oaten, donta, ecton, tante, octet, canet, cetto, tateo, octad, nocte, acned, catto, cnote, natto, notte, toten, tanto, tendo, canot, todea, octan, adeno, onate, notat.

4 letter words made from contated:

6 letter words made from contated:

coated, attend, notate, decota, cottae, catone, adenoc , condat, cedano, cadent, canted, tecton, donate, cedant, notted, decant, oneact, cotted, netcat, deaton, octane, tateno, atonce, acteon, conate, catton, octant, cantet, catted, nadeco, deacon, docena, tacent, decato.

7 letter words made from contated:

tacnode, notated, conated, tectona, cadotte.

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