Correct spelling for CONTINUEING

We think the word continueing is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for continueing

  • Continence(Definition of continence)
  • In all that concerns art, viewed from any high standpoint,-proportion, continence, self-control, unfaltering adherence to natural standards, subordination of parts, perfect adjustment of the means to the end, obedience to inward law, no trifling, no levity, no straining after effect, impartially attending to the back and loins as well as to the head, and even holding toward his subject an attitude of perfect acceptance and equality,-principles of art to which alone the great spirits are amenable,-in all these respects, i say, this poet is as true as an orb in astronomy.

  • Confining(Definition of confining)
  • And yet, antonio, and yet, if i were in your place, i should deliberate awhile before throwing away the lancet altogether, and confining myself entirely to the pencil that sounds rather strange, but listen to me.

  • Contingent(Definition of contingent)
  • Her good fortune supplied from among the contingent furnished to the war by her messapian allies a man of a nature so sympathetic with her own and an imagination so vivid as to gain for the ideal thus created a permanent realisation.

  • Contending(Definition of contending)
  • However, by contending for the american representation, he seems at last driven virtually to admit, that great caution ought to be used in the exercise of all our legislative rights over an object so remote from our eye, and so little connected with our immediate feelings; that in prudence we ought not to be quite so ready with our taxes, until we can secure the desired representation in parliament.

  • Contusing
  • =-a wound is a condition produced by a forcible cutting, contusing, or tearing of the tissues of the body, and includes, in its larger sense, bruises, sprains, dislocations, and breaks or fractures of bones.

  • Continuation(Definition of continuation)
  • This paragraph is the continuation of that which begins at ver.

  • Continent(Definition of continent)
  • In the mean time he marched in person, with a puissant army, by land, and conquered the whole continent of asia.

  • Continued(Definition of continued)
  • The singular woman did not reply to him, but continued looking through the chink.

  • Continuing
  • This time en grande vitesse, and in little over an hour was greeted by the gentle superior who 'mid the ruins of all the neighboring houses was quietly continuing her work in the convent.

  • Contenting
  • So if she went to washington, as she fondly hoped she might, it would be as the president's mother; but when examination after examination found frank at the foot of his class, and teacher after teacher said he could not learn, she gave up the presidential chair, and contenting herself with a seat in congress, asked that great pains should be taken to bring out the talent for debate and speech-making which she was sure frank possessed; but when even this failed, and nineteen times out of twenty frank could get no farther than "my name is norval, on the grampian hills," she yielded the m.c. too, and set herself to make him a gentleman, polished, refined, and cultivated-one, in short, who was au fait with all that fashionable society required; and here she succeeded better.

  • Contemning
  • Church music might seem a suitable subject, but the london chorister could not abstain from criticising st. oswald's and contemning the old-fashioned practices of the cathedral, which of course lance considered himself bound to defend, till the very names of gregorians and anglicans became terrible to cherry as the watchwords of a wrangling match.

  • Continuity(Definition of continuity)
  • It is a task reserved for the future to establish a rigorous chronology in this matter, to determine the ultimate phase that the evolution of creeds in all regions of the levant had reached at the beginning of our era, and to connect them without interruption of continuity to the mysteries practiced in the latin world, the secrets of which archeological researches are slowly bringing to light.

  • Condoning
  • But we have a right to severely call an author to task for representing vice in an attractive aspect, for condoning offences against morality, for depicting licentiousness as unattended by retributive consequences.

  • Continua
  • Le service continua par une lecture de la bible.

  • Continue(Definition of continue)
  • Now, this is not the language of an ardent suitor, who would rather wish than otherwise, that such endearing familiarities should continue: though i don't think you need seriously accept the reading the learned counsel, mr. skimpin, put on the phrase used; on the other hand, the words 'my dear creature,' were distinctly heard.

  • Contouring
  • "i contend moreover that for contouring the filling or restoring the natural shape of the teeth, where there are three walls remaining to the cavity, tin is fully equal to gold, and in some respects even superior; as tin can be secured, where there is very little to hold or retain the filling, better than gold, owing to the ease and greater certainty of its adaptation to the retaining points or edges of the cavity.

  • Continues
  • After which the passage continues, it is true there are cases in which, with acknowledged propriety, we generalise from a single instance to a multitude of instances.

  • Containing
  • The guests upon arrival draw from a basket containing tiny toy or cracker lions, lambs, rabbits and cats, whichever kind of favor they wish.

372 words made from the letters continueing

4 letter words made from continueing:

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5 letter words made from continueing:

iinet, ieong, getin, ennog, tonic, genon, ciego, noite, cuing, cinto, togni, tonne, icing, nguni, untii, citgo, gutin, noten, inite, ecton, tugen, ingen, onnie, tegic, gonin, untie, conen, uninc, nonni, cnote, ennio, cogie, inuit, onuci, intuc, egton, ninon, nunno, geton, ngoni, ionic, cioni, genic, cenon, iteco, ugine, gouin, ntini, inion, tinge, nonce, ingot, negot, guice, ngiti, tenon, centi, gunne, toein, eigon, guion, inonu, nicin, ningi, ennui, nigon, negin, tuong, tengo, tigon, gonce, toing, tieon, oncet, cient, tunge, tiein, nicot, nocte, outen, coign, unite, citie, nenno, tenco, nguon, nutin, intoe, notin, centu, coing, gonen, iceni, outie, einin, guiot, union, nicon, tonci, incut, tonin, unnec, uniti, einon, tenno, oguni, toine, gunto, ounce, guite, unoci, untin, cuong, tincu, teign, tinio, cione, otegi, cogen, tinue, onnen, tueni, ninti, oning, tunic, tigue, teong, necon, niten, gonic, cuito, gitin, itogi, tunng, tecno, conne, cegui, cunei, tengu, tonen, count, innit, nigun, itoen, iunno, unten, nintu, guten, tengi, netco, egion, ontic, genin, tiong, tingo, entin, ionut, innie, tieng, cueto, niton, gonne, conge, egoic, conti, cuneo, nicen, egnot, nieto, goten, nguoi.

3 letter words made from continueing:

gun, ecg, nog, one, neo, ego, iou, gin, nun, cut, oct, net, oui, tic, teg, tec, tog, otc, con, utc, ice, cio, uni, ion, cot, not, cog, ngu, gut, ige, nne, gnu, get, toe, tie, inn, icu, eon, etc, ent, ceo, nut, gen, ect, tiu, nig, ute, tug, out, ten, cue, nec, tun, gui, nit, tin, ton.