Correct spelling for CONTINUIING

We think the word continuiing is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for continuiing

  • condensing Trees, considered as organisms, produce in themselves, or in the air, a certain amount of heat, by absorbing and condensing atmospheric gases, and they exert an opposite influence by absorbing water and exhaling it in the form of vapor; but there is still another mode by which their living processes may warm the air around them, independently of the thermometric effects of condensation and evaporation.
  • confining Finally, even that was too confining.
  • contending Hitherto there have been no international courts for the decision of disputes, and if contending powers have been ready to refer their disputes to arbitration, they have always first had to form an arbitral tribunal; but now there is in existence an actual International Court of Arbitration, and other international courts are in contemplation.
  • contention Soon it assumed its material form for the contention between her and Dudley, in the figure of Mrs. Marsett.
  • continent But we must suppose that the amount of depression and re-elevation in the central region was considerably in excess of that experienced in the lower countries, or those nearer the sea, and that the rate of subsidence in the latter was never so considerable as to cause submergence, or the admission of the sea into the interior of the continent by the valleys of the principal rivers.
  • contingent Accompanied the Canadian Voyageurs to Egypt, as paymaster of the contingent, 1885. Served through the campaign, but died at London on his way home to Canada.
  • continual Ermengarde had an intellectual father, who, in his despairing desire to encourage his daughter, constantly sent her valuable and interesting books, which were a continual source of grief to her.
  • continuance They knew him forthwith and rising to him, kissed his hands and rejoiced in him and said to him, "O our lord, thou art indeed a king and the son of a king, and we desire thee naught but good and we pray for thy continuance.
  • continuation She explained it was a continuation of the Acts of the Apostles.
  • continue Dorothy wanted to get across, in order that she might continue her journey.
  • continued "No, no," continued Caesar.
  • continuing So you can see there's no use in continuing now.
  • continuity By perseverance, however, she succeeded in tracing every foot of it, and so satisfying herself finally that there was no diminution anywhere in its height, no break in its continuity, save the one small wooden door which was securely fastened.
  • continuum
  • convening
  • Condoning
  • Conducing
  • Conjoining
  • Connoting
  • Containing
  • Contemning
  • Contusing
  • continues
  • contouring
  • continua
  • contenting

184 words made from the letters continuiing

4 letter words made from continuiing:

inti, gonu, guto, otic, cung, icon, ngoi, cgnu, gunt, cuit, cuon, iing, tuno, tion, goit, nito, coin, iong, uong, oung, tuin, nong, togi, itoi, innu, ugni, unti, gonn, uict, nuit, toci, iton, nicu, noun, inui, cnut, gion, cing, igno, tuni, conn, nung, nout, ning, iuno, ngon, tuoi, unni, nonn, igon, nuon, unco, iiun, unio, cuti, nunc, ting, nonu, ungo, cunt, nunn, ogin, iino, gout, goti, ingi, giti, nuoc, nuno, unit, iuni, onni, tung, toun, itno, guti.

5 letter words made from continuiing:

nintu, cinto, inonu, conti, nicin, tuong, nicon, nguon, cuito, gouin, nguni, gonin, gunto, inion, untin, tonin, oguni, nutin, uniti, untii, ngoni, ntini, ninon, tiong, nicot, cuing, ionut, innit, uninc, tunic, tonci, guiot, notin, ngiti, ontic, nigon, tinio, onuci, tingo, gonic, tonic, niton, itogi, nguoi, nigun, guion, cioni, inuit, nonni, gutin, tincu, coing, intuc, togni, tunng, ningi, oning, unoci, toing, ingot, icing, ninti, nunno, tigon, count, incut, iunno, citgo, ionic, union, cuong, gitin, coign.

3 letter words made from continuiing:

oct, ngu, gnu, tug, utc, tic, tun, oui, nig, nog, gui, cio, otc, nun, cut, not, gut, iii, cog, cot, tin, ion, out, icu, uni, tog, gun, inn, iou, nut, tiu, con, nit, ton, gin.

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