Correct spelling for CONTINUUING

We think the word continuuing is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for continuuing

  • condensing That first "strike feeling"-diffused, shifting and uncertain-was condensing as in a storm cloud here, swelling, thickening, whirling, attracting swiftly to itself all these floating forces.
  • confining The cricket was struggling only feebly now, and the cries it uttered were but feeble, because of the confining threads that fettered its limbs.
  • contending Thus Apollo is first, physically, the sun contending with darkness; but morally, the power of divine life contending with corruption.
  • continent This unknown continent is attacked, it is true, in more than one place.
  • contingent The ranks of the first contingent were all filled up.
  • continual Leaving the cave was out of question, for the brute was undoubtedly watching for him; and yet remaining was almost as dangerous, as long watching and continual exertion weighed down his eyelids and rendered sleep imperative.
  • continuance "We have a continuance of fine wind, which, I trust, will carry us to Gibraltar in two days.
  • continuation He had passed one shortly before, which had gradually declined into the bottom of the sea; this might be a continuation of the same, which after an interval had arisen again from the bottom.
  • continue This state of things is not to continue forever.
  • continued "It makes me pretty sick to look at it," he continued.
  • continuing We made room for him and he sat down, continuing to talk.
  • continuity Perhaps the most disconcerting characteristic of that complex affair, the human organism, is the lack of continuity of its moods.
  • continuous If the shore above the beach line were perfectly level and straight, the grass or bushes upon it of equal height, the sand thrown up by the waves uniform in size and weight of particles as well as in distribution, and if the action of the wind were steady and regular, a continuous bank would be formed, everywhere alike in height and cross section.
  • continuum
  • convening
  • Condoning
  • Conducing
  • Conjoining
  • Connoting
  • Containing
  • Contemning
  • Contusing
  • continues
  • contouring
  • continua
  • contenting

193 words made from the letters continuuing

4 letter words made from continuuing:

cuon, utug, goti, otic, nonu, gonn, nuit, giti, iuni, ugni, iino, uict, tuoi, ingi, nout, conn, noun, unit, iuno, cung, ting, gutu, cnut, nong, cuit, iiun, nunu, nung, nunc, icon, guto, ogin, tuno, itno, gunt, nito, gion, iing, toun, innu, nicu, coin, nunn, nuon, ning, itoi, igno, togi, unio, ungo, tion, tuin, cunt, uong, tugu, tung, cing, uuno, nuoc, ungu, cgnu, inui, goit, unni, gout, nonn, unti, iong, tuni, iton, onni, igon, ngon, unco, ngoi, inti, oung, nuno, gonu, cuti, guti, toci.

5 letter words made from continuuing:

ionut, gouin, icing, tigon, count, incut, nicin, cinto, gunto, conti, cuing, innit, tugun, tinio, gonic, nigun, coign, iunno, untin, tincu, tonci, ningi, togni, ngoni, ionic, tunng, untii, gonin, tuong, nonni, tiong, nguni, nicot, nintu, itogi, citgo, cuong, cioni, ingot, tonin, coing, ntini, niton, nigon, nguon, nicon, tunic, unoci, ninon, inion, oning, uncut, intuc, union, cuito, notin, tingo, ninti, uninc, coutu, nunno, ontic, inonu, guiot, guion, inuit, gitin, oguni, nutin, uniti, nguoi, onuci, tonic, toing, ngiti, gutin.

3 letter words made from continuuing:

otc, nig, gnu, tun, utu, tin, uni, out, nit, not, gui, cio, oui, nut, cut, nun, gut, inn, cog, cot, tiu, iou, tic, icu, utc, ton, gun, ion, ngu, oct, tog, con, nog, tug, gin.

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