Correct spelling for CONTIUING

We think the word contiuing is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for contiuing

  • coating In a few moments he lifted the upper box and the cat came to light, still gleaming from its coating of oil.
  • condign Ever since the people have been drilled to walk in the way appointed for them by the leaders of their respective parties, and are so liberally told how they must think, speak, and vote; and when no man is allowed to walk out of that path without being threatened with condign punishment, it is extremely proper, in order to avoid odious imputations which malevolent observers might cast upon them, on all occasions to employ the phrase I have alluded to; since, if this were neglected, these malevolent observers might take it into their heads to call the people of our free Republic Tools, Instruments, Rank-and-File, and other names significant of a state of subserviency, which in the eyes of strangers might cast discredit on our free institutions: even the officers of our government might be branded with the name of hirelings and servants, and an opinion might thus be fostered that, instead of being the freest nation upon earth, we were a set of slaves governed by a set of hired servants-a most unwarrantable, unjust, and derogatory conclusion.
  • confiding "I wonder if it is her dainty smallness," Dudley was musing, away in his Bloomsbury lodging, feeling still, with a pleasant thrill, the touch of Doris's small hand on his arm, and seeing again the upward, confiding expression in her wide blue eyes.
  • conniving
  • contain
  • continue
  • continuing
  • counting
  • Canting This was beneath him as he made his final descent, and he slid along it the whole length, canting him into a spot where was the only piece of stinted vegetation that was to be seen for a considerable distance.
  • Jointing
  • Coining Also, as this man who has been caught was passing false money, and as Maraquito and probably Mrs. Herne are surviving members of the Saul family who practised coining, I should not be surprised to find that my theories are correct.
  • Conducing It has been supposed by some, that the habitual view of those models of ideal beauty, the Greek statues, with which Italy abounds, may be an indirect cause conducing to the general beauty of the sex; be that as it may, I think the fine features and beautiful forms of the Italian fair have a great influence upon the minds of young artists, and this is perhaps one of the principal reasons why Italy has so long excelled in figure painters.
  • Confuting I had spoken rather quizzically, only with the intention of showing Laura how absurd her idea was; but my final question, instead of merely confuting her theory, had also suggested a dreadful possibility!
  • Conning
  • Connoting
  • Containing
  • Contusing
  • contouring
  • coning
  • continua

178 words made from the letters contiuing

4 letter words made from contiuing:

innu, giti, guti, unio, nunc, tuin, inui, nonu, ogin, inti, guto, nuon, onni, nuit, cunt, goit, uong, tung, nuno, icon, toun, ting, cuit, cuon, ugni, nung, unit, gonn, iuno, toci, nuoc, itoi, cuti, conn, noun, oung, nong, nout, iing, cing, unni, iton, togi, ingi, goti, coin, ngon, unco, tuoi, gout, tuno, tion, igno, nicu, igon, itno, gion, gonu, ngoi, ungo, iino, ning, cnut, otic, cung, nito, cgnu, gunt, unti, iuni, uict, iiun, tuni, iong.

5 letter words made from contiuing:

ionic, nigon, cinto, inuit, nicon, cuong, tonci, ninti, tinio, innit, guiot, nguni, oning, tincu, tonin, nicin, ntini, gitin, nicot, onuci, tigon, ngoni, icing, nigun, ontic, incut, gunto, gouin, uniti, untii, coing, tiong, togni, oguni, inonu, itogi, notin, ingot, gonic, ningi, toing, cuing, tunic, niton, nguon, tunng, guion, intuc, count, conti, gonin, ngiti, inion, ionut, untin, nguoi, gutin, coign, cuito, union, nintu, tingo, tonic, unoci, citgo, cioni, nutin, tuong, uninc, iunno.

3 letter words made from contiuing:

ion, cot, tin, oct, nig, gui, cog, ngu, icu, cut, gin, utc, oui, inn, tiu, nun, tug, nit, tic, not, tog, uni, con, cio, iou, gut, ton, gnu, gun, out, nog, otc, tun, nut.

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