Correct spelling for CONTNINUED

We think the word contninued is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for contninued

  • Contented(Definition of contented)
  • Maud put her lips to his hand, and laughed a contented laugh.

  • Continuing
  • After continuing in great credit many years, it began to decline; and in the 13th of henry the seventh was demolished with great solemnity, on st patrick's day, by the pope's express order.

  • Contended
  • According to official reports thirty-nine negroes and two whites had been killed, but the police contended that, because so many bodies had been burned, thrown in the river, or buried in mass graves, the figure was really much larger.

  • Contemned
  • He admired all the cycle of great men who all contemned each other.

  • Condoned
  • One has only to read up old records of the eighteenth century to see how slavery flourished in england among otherwise honourable men, and how public opinion condoned, nay, justified it to realize that public opinion regarded as vox populi, is often many spiritual leagues away from being vox dei.

  • Continence(Definition of continence)
  • If, then, virginity were preferable to conjugal continence, it would seem to follow that every virgin is to be praised more than any married woman.

  • Countenanced(Definition of Countenanced)
  • Not on my own behalf," he made haste to explain, as she looked up, startled, "but on account of these men, who, in their anxiety to find out who murdered mrs. clemmens, made use of means and resorted to deceptions which, if their superiors had been consulted, would not have been countenanced for a moment."

  • Contingent(Definition of contingent)
  • A handsome magpie, and, of course, a contingent of crows, made up the fascinating party; while in the background, among the neem trees and the flaming "gold mohurs," the minahs and green parrots sustained an incessant and riotous conversation.

  • Continued(Definition of continued)
  • "why should you be afraid," continued the grasshopper.

  • Contained(Definition of contained)
  • Indeed, i was well aware that he did not know how many the package contained.

  • Continent(Definition of continent)
  • He commenced that opposition against tyranny which resulted in the emancipation of the new continent-prepared an asylum for the oppressed and set an example for patriots worthy of imitation through all future time and over the civilized world.

  • Continuity(Definition of continuity)
  • So far as the limits of the work permit, the general history of the county, from epoch to epoch has been sketched, maintaining the continuity of the work, and increasing its interest and value both to the general reader and the specialist.

352 words made from the letters contninued

4 letter words made from contninued:

etui, dune, donc, unni, tuoi, inec, noun, toci, dine, nine, duoc, nice, odet, cute, coin, ouen, duet, dieu, ento, tine, unti, coud, toed, duce, doin, conn, cedi, onne, cite, dice, nenu, nuon, tuno, tion, note, cunt, tuni, once, nudi, edit, tied, doun, uden, unio, ndou, eudo, toei, cenn, nunc, nude, cote, none, tido, udin, dote, cent, duen, onen, nuit, code, dent, nied, duct, nido, tend, nout, nunn, cone, dint, node, udot, utne, udon, nicu, cnut, innu, ueno, ndut, duei, neon, undo, duco, nonu, cuti, ideo, nute, nune, cudi, oned, cuon, nuno, iten, done, iced, dniu, unie, donu, otic, neid, indo, tide, nonn, diet, tecn, nucd, enid, tund, itno, todi, toun, coue, tieu, dein, tone, tuin, dinn, endo, nein, nodi, enic, icon, cuit, noce, ecto, coen, deut, nuoc, tune, nito, euoi, edun, noen, unco, tuen, deci, unit, duin, duit, onni, idun, iton, odin, oude, uict, duni, iuno.

5 letter words made from contninued:

necon, ecton, unite, itude, denno, tenon, indue, deuto, tueni, conti, tonne, dueto, cuito, oncet, tondu, denio, outed, tiden, cione, dicto, nutin, donne, nicon, udine, odein, cenon, einon, douin, centu, nenno, tonen, count, coden, denti, doute, tonic, ennio, donen, cinto, undie, noted, inden, notin, tenco, intoe, cound, onuci, unnec, ideon, nicod, unitd, inced, dinon, noten, toein, unedo, tonci, centi, ouden, iteco, incut, tincu, tendu, dunce, nicot, ontic, tunde, onned, unoci, itoen, nieto, coted, niton, noite, duino, dicot, inonu, conne, decou, cuneo, intuc, niten, cedit, indec, tenno, tieon, iunno, douen, unted, toned, conen, dunin, donut, tinue, cunei, ennui, ndeti, nudie, tined, onnie, nicen, outdi, onend, nocte, untie, cient, denon, netco, onnen, edinu, indeo, ecoid, cnote, untin, nonni, tonin, nintu, edict, tunic, tecno, tendo, toine, ounce, endon, cundi, tondi, tuned, nonde, ionut, entin, uninc, outie, cueto, outen, nonce, inetd, nunno, ninon, unode, doten, doune, union, unten.

3 letter words made from contninued:

eon, don, con, cio, doc, otc, tun, nec, ten, duo, iud, ido, cud, one, ceo, tiu, ute, out, dit, etc, oct, dot, doe, icu, edo, tod, ode, uni, not, tie, inn, oed, die, ent, oui, den, nut, tin, due, ted, nun, utc, net, cut, iou, neo, dun, ton, tic, toe, cue, iod, nne, tec, nit, end, ice, dec, nod, din, ion, ect, cot.