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How to spell CONVED correctly?

One possible correct spelling for "conved" could be "converted" based on the context of the sentence. Other suggestions could include "converged", "conceived" or "convexed", depending on the intended meaning. It is important to clarify the intended word or phrase to ensure clear communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell conved correctly

  • Caned
  • canned
  • Canoed The canoed across the flooded river.
  • carved
  • Caved After much convincing, he finally caved and agreed to join us on the trip.
  • Coined
  • concede After three hours of intense debate, the politician finally chose to concede and drop his controversial proposal.
  • ConEd I will wait for ConEd to arrive before I turn off the power.
  • confer I will confer with my team before making a final decision.
  • conked
  • Conned She was conned into giving away her life savings to a fake charity.
  • Connived The two corrupt officials connived to embezzle funds from the public treasury.
  • convene The committee will convene tomorrow to discuss the new policy proposal.
  • Convened The meeting convened in an auditorium.
  • convent The sisters at the convent greeted me warmly when I entered their peaceful sanctuary.
  • convert Can I convert that dollar into euros?
  • convex The surface of a spoon is typically convex.
  • convey I need your help to convey my luggage to the car.
  • conveyed I conveyed to her my condolences.
  • conveys The painting conveys a sense of loneliness and isolation, with its muted colors and empty space.
  • Convoked She was called to testify at the trial, but refused to go because she felt she was being convoked against her will.
  • convoy The convoy was traveling through the dangerous desert zone.
  • Convoyed A convoyed convoy is escorted by a group of military vehicles.
  • corned I like corned beef on rye.
  • Counted
  • covet She couldn't help but covet her friend's new convertible.
  • curved The driveway curved around the hill.

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