Correct spelling for CONVICETD

We think the word convicetd is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for convicetd

  • Contested(Definition of contested)
  • V his wisdom men acknowledged; only one, the creature, issue of him, lycophron, that rebel with his mother in his brows, contested: such an infamous would foul pirene!

  • Conceited(Definition of conceited)
  • But dora was clever and conceited and in the end she agreed that at least she would make the attempt.

  • Confuted(Definition of Confuted)
  • This pamphlet, with the rest of the people, i have read; and though i am far from thinking, that the censure of that honourable gentleman can make a defence necessary, since, indeed, be has contented himself with invective instead of argument, and, whatever he may disapprove, has confuted nothing: and though i have no particular reason for exposing myself as the champion for this author, whoever he may be, yet i cannot forbear to affirm, that i read some passages with conviction, and that, in my opinion, they require a different answer from those which have been yet offered; and that the impressions which have been made upon the people, will not be effaced by clamour and rage, and turbulence and menaces, which can affect only the person of the writer, but must leave his reasons in their full force, and even with regard to his person, will have very little effect; for though some men in power may be offended, it will not be easy to quote any law that has been broken by him.

  • Confiscated
  • I complained about this, and appealed to a german general who come round to inspect the fort a few days later, and it was returned to me, but was eventually confiscated when i tried to escape in it a week or two later.

  • Convicted
  • They were convicted and ordered to be shot.

  • Congested(Definition of congested)
  • Being in a narrow street and a congested district, the plant needed special facilities for the handling of coal and ashes, as well as for ventilation and forced draught.

  • Consorted(Definition of Consorted)
  • Conceded(Definition of conceded)
  • Indeed, they already threaten to separate from their northern brethren, unless this right be conceded.

  • Consisted
  • Carlyle's influence has consisted more in his attitude than in any special truth which he has preached.

  • Convoluted(Definition of convoluted)
  • This animal is also nocturnal in its habits, and very sluggish in its motions by day, at which time it usually hangs from a branch suspended by its fore hands, its mottled back assimilating closely with the rugged bark of the tree; it is exclusively herbivorous, possessing a very voluminous stomach, and long convoluted intestines.

  • Converted
  • They were never converted, so far as we know; they were not members of any church, true or false.

  • Confided
  • "the remarkable man whom you know, and whose powerful influence you have already felt, confided to me yesterday, in your interests, the plans of the government, and i saw at once that your defeat was inevitable.

  • Conflated
  • Following the founding of doha, written records often conflated al bidda and doha due to the extremely close proximity of the two settlements.

  • Concerted(Definition of concerted)
  • Pete sought to stop him at the door and in one lightning and concerted movement, he bit and struck and kicked, scattering the crowd in all directions.

  • Coincided
  • Lizzie's first statement had coincided with this entry in the messrs.

  • Conversed
  • Confused(Definition of confused)
  • Professor riccabocca looked confused.

246 words made from the letters convicetd

5 letter words made from convicetd:

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4 letter words made from convicetd:

inec, odet, dine, nido, coin, dint, vote, indo, vode, vedi, toed, cite, devi, nito, ideo, vein, coen, veio, vien, dove, cive, ecto, done, cent, enic, dent, ccdi, nitv, vont, icon, voit, donc, otic, oven, neid, tevi, tecn, ecct, nodi, evit, endo, cedi, nove, iten, once, veno, tvoi, vino, tied, noev, nice, nied, toci, tone, diet, code, ento, ndtv, note, odin, toiv, todi, voet, tion, itno, veni, noce, vice, nive, toei, dein, veto, cone, void, oned, voci, nevo, doin, cote, tine, iove, iced, dote, tive, edit, ovid, vend, vent, veon, node, deci, iton, vico, tido, dive, tend, cove, dice, enid, vine, tide.

3 letter words made from convicetd:

ted, den, ecc, nod, nec, end, dot, cio, ect, don, tod, dit, etc, ten, din, iod, die, ode, ice, eon, con, tin, ion, oct, toe, ceo, nov, tic, oed, ido, edo, vet, doe, ton, doc, one, tie, neo, dec, cot, tec, icc, nit, vie, otc, ent, not, net.