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How to spell CONVICTBLE correctly?

When encountering the misspelling "convictble", it seems like the intended word is "convictable". The correct spelling suggestion would be to add the missing letter 'a' after the 't.' This correction enables the word to convey its proper meaning, indicating something or someone that is capable of being convicted.

List of suggestions on how to spell convictble correctly

  • Conductible Copper is an excellent conductible material for electricity.
  • Connectable The new smart device is connectable to multiple devices at once.
  • Contactable I left a note with my contactable number so she can reach me if needed.
  • Convective Convective heat transfer occurs when fluid motion, like the upward movement of air around a hot object, carries heat with it.
  • Convertible I love driving with the top down on my convertible on a sunny day.
  • Conveyable The package is small enough and lightweight, making it easily conveyable.
  • Convict The jury found the suspect guilty and convicted him of murder.
  • Convicted He was convicted of the crime and sentenced to twenty years in prison.
  • Convicting The court's decision was pivotal in convicting the defendant of first-degree murder.
  • Conviction She spoke with great conviction as she defended her beliefs.
  • Convicts The prison was overcrowded with convicts serving various sentences.
  • Nonviable The company decided to discontinue the nonviable project due to lack of funding.

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