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How to spell COORD correctly?

If you are struggling with the misspelling "coord", fret not! Here are some correct alternatives: "cord" refers to a type of string or rope. "chord", on the other hand, is commonly used in music. "cot" denotes a small bed, while "kit" refers to a set of tools or equipment.

List of suggestions on how to spell coord correctly

  • accord According to the business accord, both parties agreed to the terms and conditions of the merger.
  • card I always carry a credit card with me in case of emergency.
  • chord He strummed a chord on the guitar, creating a hauntingly beautiful sound.
  • clod The farmer threw a clod of dirt at the barking dog to get it to stop.
  • COD I ordered the grilled cod for dinner.
  • COED The college had a large coed population.
  • cohort The teacher's newest cohort of students were eager and excited to begin their coursework.
  • coir The doormat was made of coir, a natural and durable material.
  • cold I don't like drinking cold water when it's freezing outside.
  • color
  • coo
  • Cooed The baby bird cooed softly as its mother brought it food.
  • cooked
  • cooled The soup was too hot to eat, so I let it sit on the counter until it cooled to a manageable temperature.
  • Cooped I feel cooped up in this house all day.
  • coot Yesterday while walking in the park, I saw a coot swimming in the pond.
  • Cor The cor of the apple was perfect.
  • cord
  • cords
  • cored
  • court The judge will make the final decision in court.
  • coward The coward refused to participate in the fight.
  • curd I am going to have some curd for my cheese sandwich.
  • door Through the door I could see the yard.
  • good
  • gourd

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