Correct spelling for COORELATION

We think the word coorelation is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for coorelation

  • Coloration(Definition of coloration)
  • He has convincingly shown that a large proportion of the animals which were supposed to be examples of this theory are really illustrations of concealing coloration.

  • Collation(Definition of collation)
  • And, as if to confirm his apprehensions, no sooner had the collation ended than she took lorenzo's arm and retired to the remains of an old mill, a few rods above the landing.

  • Correlations
  • Add to all this the fact that the flight vectors, their resultants, and the wind representations themselves are all approximations, and it becomes apparent that only the roughest sort of correlations are to be expected.

  • Correlating
  • The same features of human thinking, the same two complementary methods of correlating facts and handling them for the purposes of knowledge, are similarly in constant evidence in the daily life of men in our own community.

  • Cremation(Definition of cremation)
  • After he had deposited the remains of his wife in brompton cemetery-she had a strong aversion to cremation and inwardly believed that it destroyed the immortal soul-he went off into the country, selecting a village where he knew nobody.

  • Creation(Definition of creation)
  • It is entering into the secret of creation and redemption, which is the flower and fruit of human culture.

  • Relation(Definition of relation)
  • The landlady at the inn here, is, as you know, a sort of relation of mine.

  • Correlation(Definition of correlation)
  • Because many of the lessons of the first eight divisions treat of the uses of the foods in the body, they are especially good for correlation with physiology.

  • Coronation(Definition of coronation)
  • The price formerly paid for a score would now barely purchase one, for the yakutsk agents of london furriers had stripped the district to provide furs for the robes to be worn at the coronation of his majesty the king of england.

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5 letter words made from coorelation:

altin, arine, colne, coote, cinar, crato, cooer, carni, cairo, cater, conto, coila, aroon, carno, artoo, altro, alert, anole, canol, coion, caner, arlit, caire, clear, coate, arcel, calot, cleat, alien, creal, artel, cotan, aitor, conel, creno, calor, canot, alite, atrio, craon, corta, artec, atric, atelo, conti, clean, acoel, ariot, actor, cinta, cielo, acter, cante, caion, cient, atire, atler, arone, coire, anier, atoni, actin, anile, clier, coile, creon, clein, cerio, alito, carol, creta, cooie, corni, arico, coeli, aiton, aloor, acier, cerat, coron, caroo, alter, ation, coler, cilan, citor, caton, cloer, corna, cline, aceto, ailor, colon, cleto, canor, coati, croal, acero, coola, alone, atone, cinto, coiro, ciena, aorto, arcti, coral, aneto, aloco, canoo, ceral, cerna, coatl, arent, caret, corto, crane, clain, ciona, coore, clert, coner, cinae, certo, coole, cirta, canto, cairn, clore, clent, carte, aiono, areni, caroe, atlin, aloni, crean, artio, cnote, ceoil, clane, coale, actio, atole, acorn, crine, canet, crile, color, actel, colie, celan, alier, arlon, coari, ancre, clone, citra, crati, canio, altri, corio, acone, arcot, calne, creil, conta, cotai, ancol, ciano, centi, clito, aline, cione, coton, certa, corot, ceron, alire, crena, corne, coria, claro, cinoa, croan, cilea, colao, crate, canoe, antle, caril, alero, caito, anoto, anter, corte, catli, citro, antic, artin.