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How to spell COORS correctly?

If you ever find yourself accidentally misspelling "coors", fret not! Here are some possible correct alternatives: "colors", "corps", "cores" or "courts". So next time you come across that red squiggly line, don't be discouraged - simply choose one of these correct suggestions and perfect your spelling!

List of suggestions on how to spell coors correctly

  • boors Some of the boors at the party were quite offensive.
  • cars
  • coarse The sandpaper felt coarse against my skin.
  • colors The artist used a wide variety of colors in their painting.
  • cooks The cooks are in the kitchen cooking dinner.
  • cools The wind cools down the hot temperature of the summer day.
  • coops The farmer had many coops for his chickens on his property.
  • coos The baby coos softly as its mother sings a lullaby.
  • coots I think there are coots in the swamp.
  • cos
  • course In order to study a course in history, one must first complete a placement exam.
  • cows The cows roam freely in the pasture.
  • CURS The CURS of his words were enough to send chills down her spine.
  • doors I closed the doors to my bedroom to have some privacy.
  • goers The theme park sees a lot of thrill-seeking goers during the summer season.
  • moors The misty moors stretched out for miles ahead of us, shrouded in a hauntingly beautiful melancholy.

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