Correct spelling for CORCORN

We think the word corcorn is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for corcorn

  • Coupon(Definition of coupon)
  • The number of the coupon drawn will be the winning number, and the holder of it will receive the talking machine absolutely free.

  • Cordon(Definition of cordon)
  • Always obsessed with the idea that the germans would come from the east- the almost fatal error of the french general staff, paris had been girdled with forts on that side, from those of ecouen and montmorency by the distant ramparts of chelles and champigny to those of sucy and villeneuve-the outer lines of a triple cordon.

  • Coco(Definition of coco)
  • These administrators receive in the licensed establishments the coco and nipa wines, at prices stipulated by the growers.

  • Garcon(Definition of Garcon)
  • "i'll tell you," he said, turning round to secure a passing garcon.

  • Cocoas
  • Near, the birds are flying, or chattering with extreme sociability in close trees, and the thickets are fragrant with flowers; while far off, the high hills loom in the horizon; and all about us is this tropical growth, with which i cannot yet become familiar, of palms and cocoas and bananas.

  • Gorgon(Definition of gorgon)
  • It is true that they were objects not often seen by bachelor man, except in shop windows and on the advertising pages of women's magazines; but silk petticoats and cobwebby lace frills have no gorgon qualities, and i was not turned to stone by the sight of them.

  • Gordon
  • Did you do that, gordon?"

  • Croon(Definition of croon)
  • But, strange to say or not, as thou wilt have 't, he did seem to love keren more than he did th' mother that bore him, a-crying for her did she but so much as turn her back, and not sleeping unless that she would croon his lullabies to him.

  • Corker(Definition of corker)
  • If he felt it-well, the colonel was a corker; if he didn't feel it-well, the colonel was just about tuckered out.

  • Corn(Definition of corn)
  • That's corn-just injun corn.

  • Cocoa(Definition of cocoa)
  • Cotton-especially that from america-sugar, tea, coffee, cocoa, and other articles were subjected to dues, generally of half their value and irrespective of their place of production.

  • Acorn(Definition of acorn)
  • The best winter varieties are the acorn, valparaiso, winter crookneck, and vegetable marrow or sweet potato squash.

  • Creon
  • And hath creon sent, pitying my sorrows, mine own children to me whom most i love?

  • Corona(Definition of corona)
  • Juliet gordon and juliet's father, meredith gordon, were the only relations miss corona had in the world, and the old family feud divided them by a gulf which now seemed impassable.

  • Cocaine(Definition of cocaine)
  • I got the revolver from him-he was like a crazy man, and as soon as i dared to leave him, i went out to try and find a doctor-" "to get some cocaine?"

  • Corner(Definition of corner)
  • Betty, at a street corner, ran into luli.

  • Cocos
  • The wind at this time was south; but they expected they should find, as they went northward, the general trade-wind blowing from the east; and in that persuasion they steered more easterly than the line of direction in which cocos lay from them, imagining that when they came to the latitude of the island, they would have to bear down upon it before the wind.

  • Colon(Definition of colon)
  • The large round worm may form a tangled mass and completely fill a portion of the double colon.

  • Carbon(Definition of carbon)
  • The carbon is now placed in the bed, and kept there by a piece of muslin drawn over it and tacked down.

  • Carton(Definition of carton)
  • I fear you are not well, mr. carton!

  • Jargon(Definition of jargon)
  • This is their jargon.

  • Concur(Definition of concur)
  • He simply and diplomatically answered, however, that he could not but concur with the secretary in lamenting the misery of the provinces and people so utterly despoiled and ruined, but, as it might be matter of dispute; "from what head this fountain of calamity was both fed and derived, he would not enter further therein, it being a matter much too high for his capacity."

  • Crown(Definition of crown)
  • Crown 8vo, with illustrations, and a glossary of technical terms, 6s.

  • Coercion(Definition of coercion)
  • "i have held the view from the beginning that it would not have been wise policy for a government engaged in the great work of the political emancipation of a nation to embark on a career of coercion.

  • Cocoons
  • In this change the subjects of the transformation are by nature carefully wrapt up in their cocoons.

  • Zircon(Definition of zircon)
  • Zircon moved ahead, going slowly now.

  • Cocoon(Definition of cocoon)
  • It would stand on its case or cocoon, dry its wings in the sun, and then fly away to begin life as a mosquito.

  • Common(Definition of common)
  • The work of a common cracksman?

  • Conjoin(Definition of conjoin)
  • It lacked, all need, the softening light which other brows supply: we should conjoin the scathed trunks of our humanity, that each leafless spray entwining may look softer 'gainst the sky.

  • Cotton(Definition of cotton)
  • 11,781. did you ever sell cotton or any other goods under the price you paid for them?

  • Scorn(Definition of scorn)
  • As we burst in the door and confronted him, he raised his pale face and regarded us with calmness and scorn.

  • Carson
  • You will see miss carson to-day?

  • Corking(Definition of corking)
  • Wouldn't it be-corking-to see a fluffy ruffles doll-a-walking up the street?

  • Cocking(Definition of Cocking)
  • "a couple of strokes, and it's finished," said the artist, cocking his head on one side and screwing up his blue eyes.

  • Cochin(Definition of cochin)
  • A really excellent roman catholic priest of whom i saw much was monsignor pellerin, bishop in cochin-china.

20 words made from the letters corcorn

4 letter words made from corcorn:

coon, roco, coco, norr, orno, corn, rono, cron.

3 letter words made from corcorn:

coo, roc, con, ono, orr, cro, ron, nrc.

5 letter words made from corcorn:

6 letter words made from corcorn: