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How to spell COROPS correctly?

If you intended to write "corops" but realized it was incorrect, fear not. The correct word might be "corps", referring to a specialized group of individuals. Alternatively, if you intended to write "crops", relating to agricultural produce, that might be appropriate too. It's always helpful to double-check words for accuracy and clarity.

List of suggestions on how to spell corops correctly

  • Carps The fisherman caught three large carps in the lake.
  • coops She always tended to the animals in the coops.
  • Cops We reported the robbery to the cops.
  • cores The number of processor cores on a computer is a major factor in its performance.
  • corps He joined the Marine Corps right after graduating from college.
  • corpse The forensic team was examining the heavily decomposed corpse found in the abandoned warehouse.
  • corpus The linguist analyzed a vast corpus of written texts from different time periods.
  • coups In the 1970s, Richard Nixon was implicated in several coups.
  • craps This is a craps game.
  • crop The farmers grew a bountiful crop of corn this year.
  • crops The farmer is growing crops.
  • cross My mom was cross when I didn't bring my backpack to school.
  • Crows Not all crows are friendly, one flew into my open car window yesterday.

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