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How to spell CORSETTE correctly?

If you mistakenly typed "corsette" instead of "corset", don't worry! Here are some possible correct suggestions for this misspelling. The correct term is "corset", a garment used to shape the waist and support the torso. Make sure to use the right spelling to find accurate information about this popular piece of lingerie.

List of suggestions on how to spell corsette correctly

  • cassette I found an old cassette tape in the attic.
  • colette Colette was a famous French novelist and actress known for her feminist themes and scandalous personal life.
  • coquette She acted like a coquette, flirting with everyone in the room.
  • corset For a special occasion, she cinched her waist with a corset to achieve an hourglass figure.
  • Corseted The Mayfair woman was impeccably corseted for her evening wear.
  • corsets Her wide and lavish corsets strained at the buttons of her dress.
  • corvette I am a Corvette owner.
  • courgette I like to saute some courgette and onions with garlic for a tasty side dish.
  • rosette The chef placed a beautiful rosette made of carrot shavings on top of the salad.

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