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How to spell CORSS correctly?

If you accidentally typed "corss" instead of "cross", don't worry! Here are a few helpful suggestions to correct the misspelling. Make sure to add the missing letter 'r' to spell it correctly as "cross". Alternatively, you can use the synonym "intersect" or for a more playful twist, try "crisscross."

List of suggestions on how to spell corss correctly

  • cars With the new carpooling program, fewer cars are on the road during rush hour.
  • coarse
  • COORS I always have a Coors Light when I go to baseball games.
  • coos The baby bird coos softly as it snuggles up against its mother's warmth.
  • Cor
  • cords I need to untangle the cords behind my computer.
  • cores The apple had several seeds in the center, surrounded by tough cores.
  • corks I have a bunch of corks in my coke bottle.
  • CORMS Corms are specialized stem structures that store nutrients and enable certain plants to grow and survive in harsh environments.
  • Corns I need to buy a cushion for my foot because my corns are causing me pain.
  • corps The Marine Corps is a branch of the United States Armed Forces responsible for providing power projection from the sea.
  • cos Cos of the pandemic, many schools have switched to online learning.
  • course I am taking a course in computer programming to improve my skills.
  • courses The university offers a wide range of courses in different fields of study.
  • cows
  • crass I find your crass comments offensive.
  • cress I love adding cress to my salad for an extra zesty flavor.
  • cross
  • CURS The CURS of the ship could be heard in the distance.
  • curse I accidentally hit my toe on the bed and let out a curse.
  • cuss
  • gorse The countryside was dotted with bright yellow gorse bushes.
  • ross

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