How to spell CORTERY correctly?

We think the word cortery is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell cortery correctly

  • artery It is very broad, contains many handsome shops, and is the great artery of traffic between the city and the West End, and one of the busiest and most important thoroughfares in London.
  • carry "I believe he has not expected to carry on the ranch much longer.
  • carter What, against Conrad Carter?
  • cartier But to come back to Cartier.
  • cater We have heard much of late years about the decadence of the English Press, but editors know very well the public for whom they cater.
  • coder
  • cookery Today I will be cooking some bacon wrapped dates.
  • coppery I detected a metallic taste in my mouth and it turned out to be the copper in my toothpaste.
  • coquetry She showed a bit of coquetry by putting her arm around his waist.
  • corduroy
  • core
  • cortege The cortege was led by the horses and followed by the cars.
  • cortes
  • cote
  • coterie The coterie of friends that I keep is a close-knit group of individuals that I can rely on for support.
  • cotter The cotter was caught stealing from the company store.
  • country
  • courier She hired a courier to take the package to the post office.
  • courtesy
  • courtier Thomas Jefferson was a noted courtier.
  • couture
  • crater There was a large crater on the surface of the moon.
  • crier A crier proclaimed the news of the Queen's death.
  • curry Curry is a recipe originating from India.
  • cutlery I need some kitchen utensils - a knife, a fork, a spoon.
  • goitre John has a goitre.
  • jittery She was feeling a little jittery after the party.
  • lottery In the lottery, you have a one-in-several chance of winning.
  • poetry Is poetry a dying art?
  • pottery
  • retry
  • rotary The rotary phone was discontinued in 2009.
  • corer
  • Curer Doctor meant he had the cure for everything.
  • Corey Corey McCulloch is a keen musician.
  • Cory Down at the Cory pool hall, everyone knows your name.
  • Courtney Courtney listens carefully to her attorney during the trial.
  • Carey
  • cotters
  • CORR She claimed the money was stolen, but the police think she may have been trying to cover up her crime - Specifically, they
  • cored
  • cuter She's a little cuter than me.
  • carters This car was made by the Carters.

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  • curious
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