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How to spell CORTS correctly?

If you meant "courts", then the correct spelling is "courts". If you meant "coats", then the correct spelling is "coats". Other similar words that may have been misspelled could include "corsage", "cortex" or "cortege". It is important to double-check spelling for accuracy in written communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell corts correctly

  • cards I need to shuffle the deck of cards before we play.
  • carts The supermarket had fifty shopping carts available for customers to use.
  • cats
  • CERTS I always carry a pack of Certs in my pocket for fresh breath.
  • coats I need to buy two new coats for the upcoming winter season.
  • codas The codas of these songs are often more interesting than the main melodies.
  • codes The programmer had to carefully study the codes to find and fix the bugs in the software.
  • CODS The coding system for AIDS is called CODS.
  • COEDS The university's athletic program offers equal opportunities for both male and female coeds.
  • coitus During coitus, the male's member proceeds from the rectum to the vagina.
  • Colts The Colts lost Sunday's game by a large margin.
  • coots My neighbor's coots are always making a racket in their yard.
  • cords I need to gather some cords to tie up the debris.
  • cores The cores of this computer are very fast.
  • corks I have a bottle of red wine with corks still in it.
  • CORMS Corms are bulb-like structures that store food for the plant's growth.
  • Corns I had to do foot surgeries for my corns.
  • corps She lead a corps of dancers.
  • cortes Cortes was the Spanish conqueror of the Aztec empire in the 16th century.
  • costs He is concerned about the rising costs of living in the city.
  • COTES The winery offered a special tasting of their Cotes du Rhone wines.
  • cots I'm going to put my cots in the wash.
  • courts
  • CRTs The CRTs in the room were dated and needed to be replaced.
  • CURDS I need curds for my cheese toast.
  • curtis It's been years since Curtis disappeared.
  • curtsy
  • cuts I need to make some cuts in my budget to save money.
  • FORTS The forts are a great place to stay while in town.
  • Goats I think I'll go dairy free and goats for my protein.
  • JOTS I quickly took jots of the important points in the lecture.
  • PORTS The ports are a big part of the economy in this city.
  • sorts My sisters used to make me breakfast sorts before school.
  • Torts In law school, I took a course on Torts, which covered various forms of civil wrongdoing such as negligence, intentional harm, and strict liability.

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