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How to spell CORUS correctly?

The correct spelling for "corus" could be "chorus", a group of singers or a repeated section of a song. Another option may be "corpus", meaning a collection of writings or the main part of an organ or bodily structure.

List of suggestions on how to spell corus correctly

  • cares
  • caruso
  • chorus
  • cords
  • corers I need someone to corers my report.
  • cores The apples were sliced and their cores removed before baking the pie.
  • corks My uncle used to collect corks.
  • CORMS Corms are modified stem structures used for plant propagation.
  • Corns I have corns on my toes after wearing tight shoes for too long.
  • corps The Marine Corps is known for their bravery and discipline.
  • corpus The medical students were studying the human corpus callosum, which connects the left and right hemispheres of the brain.
  • corvus A corvus is a genus of passerine of the crow family, Corvidae.
  • cruse She filled the cruse to the brim with fresh water.
  • Cruz She wore a shirt with the word " Cruz" on it.
  • cures I need some cures for my hangover.
  • cyrus Under Cyrus' rule, the empire reached its greatest extent.
  • gores
  • grus Grus is the Latin word for crow.
  • gurus In India, there are many Gurus who teach students the value of Dharma.
  • horus The black-haired goddess Horus held dominion over death.
  • torus The bracelet is made of a torus shape.

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