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How to spell COTHES correctly?

If you've unintentionally typed "cothes" instead of "clothes", don't worry; we've got your back with some helpful suggestions. Pay attention to the correct spelling, "clothes", and be sure to double-check it before submission. Utilize spell-checkers and proofreading tools to avoid misspellings, ensuring your writing appears polished and professional.

List of suggestions on how to spell cothes correctly

  • bothers
  • catches The fisherman catches a lot of fish in the lake.
  • cather Willa Cather was a celebrated American author known for her vivid depictions of the American West.
  • clothes She decided to donate all her old clothes to charity.
  • Cloths I need some new cloths for the baby.
  • coaches The coaches are working hard to prepare the team for the upcoming game.
  • codes You can find all of the codes for the game at the bottom of the page.
  • cohos We went hunting for cohos on the island.
  • Cokes I like to drink Cokes with my friends.
  • Comes
  • cones I prefer my ice cream in cones.
  • cooties
  • COPES She copes with her anxiety by practicing meditation and deep breathing techniques.
  • cores From CPUs to GPUs, cores are at the heart of every modern computing device.
  • cortes
  • COTES A group of cotes sit atop a hill.
  • cots The hospital decided to bring in extra cots to accommodate the influx of patients during the flu season.
  • cotters The tiny village was filled with cotters, each working hard to sustain their small farming community.
  • couches The living room had two large, comfortable couches for guests to sit on.
  • coves The boat sailed along the coastline, passing through several hidden coves.
  • Goths The goths were wearing black clothes and had black hair.
  • loathes John loathes going to the dentist.
  • Mothers After all these years, she still remembers the sound of her mothers voice.
  • Moths I am scared of moths.
  • others Others will be able to see your computer screen.
  • scythes The farmer spent the morning sharpening his scythes in preparation for the upcoming harvest season.
  • soothes The sound of rain soothes me to sleep.

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