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How to spell COTTEN correctly?

If you meant to write "cotten" but realized it's a misspelling, here are some possible correct suggestions. The first one could be "cotton", referring to the plant used for textile production. Another option might be "coteen", a variant of the word "cohort" commonly used in military context. Finally, "cordon" might be an alternative, describing a barricade or line of people.

List of suggestions on how to spell cotten correctly

  • Cohen He is known for his work as a lawyer for Cohen.
  • cote
  • COTES Cotes eleves are a type of French cheese.
  • cottar The small peasant community had only one cottar who tended to the sheep.
  • cotter
  • cotters
  • cotton I love wearing cotton clothes because they are comfortable and light.
  • Cottons I bought some soft, white cottons to make new pillowcases.
  • cottony The furry texture of the cottony cloud made it seem close and cozy.
  • coven The coven meets once a month to consecrate new members.
  • cozen I will not cozen my way to the top; I would rather work hard and earn my position honestly.
  • cutter I need to find a cutter to slice the bread.
  • Gotten I have gotten a lot of new things since we moved.
  • jotter As the teacher handed out the assignments, she reminded the students to bring their jotter to take notes.
  • kitten The kitten was so small and fluffy that I couldn't resist holding her.
  • oaten The farmer harvested his fields of oaten hay.
  • rotten I can smell the rotten egg smell in the room.

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