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How to spell COTY correctly?

If you meant to write "coty" but misspelled it, there are a few possible correct alternatives. One option is "city", referring to a large urban area. Another suggestion could be "cozy", meaning comfortable or snug. Lastly, "colt" could be considered, which refers to a young male horse.

List of suggestions on how to spell coty correctly

  • city
  • cody I met a guy named Cody at the party last night.
  • cony The cony darted into its burrow when it sensed danger approaching.
  • copy
  • Cory She sent Cory a picture of her new dog.
  • cot Inside the cot, John was sleeping soundly.
  • cote
  • cots The hotel provided extra cots for families with children.
  • coy After their initial meeting, he decided to remain coy about their future.
  • cozy I slept in my cozy bed.

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