Correct spelling for COUPERATE

We think the word couperate is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for couperate

  • Cooperative(Definition of cooperative)
  • This will be called a cooperative news effort.

  • Recuperate(Definition of recuperate)
  • His majesty spent three days at rheims in order to give his troops time to rest and recuperate before continuing this arduous campaign.

  • Cooperates
  • Through its ability to issue gold and silver certificates, its obligation to redeem united states notes in gold on demand, its administration of the united states mints and assay offices and the laws regulating the supply and distribution of subsidiary coin, the united states treasury cooperates with the banks in the supply and distribution of the circulating medium of the country.

  • Coopered
  • While these things were being done, the wounded men assisted each other down into the little cabin of the schooner, where i dressed their injuries and coopered them up to the best of my ability with such means as were to hand; after which, young sinclair, whose wound was but a slight one, bathed my forehead, adjusted the strip of displaced skin where it had been torn away, and strapped it firmly in position with sticking-plaster.

  • Cooperated
  • Mr. work has cooperated with me in the most thoroughgoing manner.

  • Cooperator(Definition of cooperator)
  • This impetuosity, which is so prominent a characteristic of his oratory, is in marked contrast with the manner of the late mr. cobden, his friend and cooperator.

  • Mixup
  • X it is quite useless for me to comment upon the utterly annoying circumstance of that mixup of cheque-books-such things are fate-and fate i am beginning to believe is nothing but a reflex of our own actions.

  • Curate(Definition of curate)
  • It lies in our low levels, and is often overflowed-four or five years since i have had it; and the people have lost most or all the fruits of the earth to that degree that it has hardly brought me in fifty pounds per annum, omnibus annis, and some years not enough to pay my curate there his salary of 30 pounds a year.

  • Operate(Definition of operate)
  • Even lord elgin was compelled to write in 1851 "that the tone adopted by the church of england here has almost always had the effect of driving from her even those who would be most disposed to co-operate with her if she would allow them."

  • Cooperate(Definition of cooperate)
  • "of course i'd like to cooperate, dan.

  • Corporate(Definition of corporate)
  • The album canusii and the tablets containing the laws of malaga and salpensa have not only settled more than one question as to the municipal organisation of the early empire, but have enabled us to form almost as clear-cut a conception of it as we have of the corporate organisation of our own great towns.

  • Cooperage(Definition of Cooperage)
  • He followed his father to the cooperage, the uproar of its machinery jarring fiercely upon him, but not so fiercely as did the common-looking men slaving in torn and patched and stained clothing.

451 words made from the letters couperate

3 letter words made from couperate:

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4 letter words made from couperate:

aper, oate, cero, tapu, cope, cape, capo, tree, poer, coua, port, epae, peur, turo, curt, tuer, copt, opua, taro, cert, pert, tuor, eeto, pact, corp, tupa, crue, rote, tero, rope, utor, prau, rupo, pore, etau, turp, tare, eure, coue, eteo, auro, paoe, reup, roue, ecru, cree, peto, eter, treu, pare, rupe, pueo, rate, carp, urca, peut, race, taco, crop, uate, acre, crau, rute, pear, rete, oupa, ruto, euro, opec, taee, auto, tarp, cote, atop, trap, orte, pace, rece, prae, tope, tear, cart, rotc, rota, peer, rout, cora, raue, tore, uaoc, toea, toer, pure, coup, rape, pout, rapt, etre, pour, orca, cure, opet, ecto, taue, part, prut, ratu, tape, crap, cute, tera, reap, core, uper, raup, pute, areo, tepe, peor, cere, poet, peru, coat, oure, pato, treo, ture, peat, true, prat, pate, aupe, care, puto, aero, oeta, ruta, erce, ecer, puea, puce, porc, urea, acer, octa, tour, ruea, auer, raut, taou, utca, puta.

5 letter words made from couperate:

eruca, orate, potec, crete, treue, crepe, erect, crate, caroe, coupe, oprea, cruet, pacto, certa, reato, crape, recta, patre, tocar, arcee, curto, europ, cuota, pareo, praet, cauet, cerae, ureae, taupe, arpct, tropa, acute, pacte, certo, auret, puree, autor, preta, recut, opera, troup, teare, preto, curta, recap, parot, coate, epruc, cropt, rutae, artec, urate, turco, pareu, oater, opter, creep, rapee, actup, truce, puter, terce, eruct, pater, peace, erupt, uraco, patro, cuter, trece, peaer, taepo, coapt, pocar, curae, reate, acter, curet, potee, ouaer, proca, poeta, taroc, porec, peate, utero, pacer, perec, teera, ourea, react, croat, apure, cauer, autre, petur, rocta, paret, poter, corte, cupro, uarco, pouce, copra, couee, parto, eater, toper, paree, crapo, caret, euroa, tauco, aceto, ature, crute, peter, oputa, prout, taruc, cupar, arete, petru, prete, porae, arute, corta, treco, court, cerat, toure, pecor, outre, croup, ruete, ceuta, apter, outer, ratee, porta, peuce, patou, capet, acree, etour, peare, raupo, upter, cater, pucer, ptero, cuper, toupe, topcu, petro, cuero, route, cupra, turca, arcot, pecot, otaru, rotec, cuora, peret, aereo, pruta, tupac, carpo, coura, topee, trace, aporu, tepco, capre, putar, potae, ortac, teper, actor, perca, preca, terao, ptere, prato, caere, perea, caput, erato, prece, auter, trope, carte, prate, creta, cueto, rupee, opere, caper, opcat, crato, truco, parce, perou, roate, acero, opeta, taupo, recto, taper, repot.