Correct spelling for COURDORY

We think the word courdory is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for courdory

  • carry If you please I will carry one down from you.
  • cord Tie a cord to the bell-rope, and hold it in your hand all night.
  • cordoba Upon our telling her that Manuel was a native of Cordoba, and that I had come from the United States, without a word of warning she raised her hands, turned her eyes upward, and gave vent to a torrent of shrill, impassioned, apostrophe to her absent, artistic sister: A dios, hermana mia, Anastasia Torres, to think that your art-products should penetrate to those distant lands, to those remote portions of the world, to be the wonder and admiration of foreign eyes.
  • cordon Occasional flashes of its effects had been noted by the troops now forming a cordon about the Park, but it only produced discomfort, not paralysis.
  • corduroy "Bedad," said O'Dowd enthusiastically, "if it will make ye feel any more comfortable I'll put on the corduroy outfit I go trout fishing in, bespattered and patched as it is.
  • corduroys Lorraine felt thrills as she hurried into the corduroys, leggings, and smock that had been placed ready for her.
  • corot It faced her, distant not six paces from the door-that shameless little " Corot"!
  • corridor He had somehow expected a long corridor with many doors.
  • corrode It cannot corrode and will outlast and outclass any similar pencil on the market.
  • country 372 Cavendish, William, Lord, head of the Country party, vi.
  • courier I went forward, and received from the courier, a sealed letter; and there, in the twilight I opened and read it.
  • court This is where we hev to turn down this 'ere court."
  • courtesy The Portrait of Charles Keene by J. D. Watson, and of Himself with the Bagpipes, were first published in Black and White, through whose courtesy they appear here.
  • courtly The whole of the court was lined by the Swiss Guards, each holding a lighted torch, whose rays were reflected by the myriad jewels that adorned the persons of the courtly spectators.
  • courtroom The courtroom balcony contains three rows of wooden benches similar to those on the ground floor, except that they are straight instead of curved.
  • couture Advances were also made to the east of La Couture and Vieille Chapelle, and on the Scherpenberg from southwest of Ypres the British crossed old enemy trenches without meeting any opposition.
  • curator
  • curd
  • curio
  • curry
  • cursory
  • dory
  • gourd
  • juror
  • Corpora On the left of the entrance is the descent into the catacombs, with the inscription: In hoc sacrosancto loco qui dicitur ad Catacumbas, ubi sepulta fuerunt sanctorum martyrum corpora 174,000 ac 46 summorum pontificium pariterque martyrum.
  • Curer
  • Corey When the two brethren of the church, going forth on their solemn, self-imposed mission, had arrived at her home, Madam Corey welcomed them with a smile; notwithstanding she possessed and expressed very exact knowledge of the ominous nature and the purpose of their call.
  • Courtney They had been in town but a week when Courtney and the Grand Duchess returned from Virginia Hot Springs, where they had spent November.
  • cruder
  • cruddy
  • grottiest

76 words made from the letters courdory

4 letter words made from courdory:

odor, coud, oord, yood, yodo, cord, dory, udry, yoru, youd, duco, yoro, droo, rood, urdy, cuyo, door, cody, rouy, dury, duoc, roud, yuro, ordu, duro, dour, royo, rooy, royd, ordo, roco, curd, ouro, doru, yoor, ryoo, codo, crud, ooru.

3 letter words made from courdory:

coy, doc, cry, roc, coo, cud, uro, cur, urd, orr, duo, rod, cro, dry.

5 letter words made from courdory:

curry, duroc, coody, rouco, coryo, roucy, crodo, oduro, coury, youdo, rudoy, odour, doyou, oduor, corru, oruro, oudry, douro, crudo, crood, durry, doocy, courd.

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