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How to spell COUSES correctly?

If you accidentally misspelled "couses", you may be referring to "courses". To avoid confusion, use the correct spelling when discussing educational programs or classes. It's essential to double-check your writing to maintain professionalism and accuracy. Ensure clarity by using the appropriate term to convey your intended meaning.

List of suggestions on how to spell couses correctly

  • accuses
  • carouses
  • cases The cases against the defendant were weak.
  • cause
  • causes Eating unhealthy foods regularly causes obesity.
  • clauses I cannot afford to buy sushi every night; I have ridiculous clauses in my credit card agreement.
  • closes He closes the door quietly as not to wake the sleeping baby.
  • coaxes She coaxes the kitten out from under the couch with a piece of string.
  • corpses They found six corpses outside the building.
  • corsets In the Victorian era, women wore corsets to control their waistlines.
  • cossets She had a dozen cossets of candied violets, wrapped in shiny paper.
  • costs The company needs to find ways to cut costs in order to increase profits.
  • coupes The car show displayed a variety of coupes with sleek lines and impressive horsepower.
  • course I'm taking a course in computer programming to sharpen my skills.
  • courser As a young boy, he had dreamed of the courser chasing after him through the fields, but now that he saw the real animal, his fear made him freeze in his tracks.
  • coursers The coursers gracefully galloped across the fields, leaving behind a trail of dust.
  • courses I am taking a courses in history.
  • cousins I went to visit my cousins last weekend and we had a great time together.
  • cozies I'm going to take my cozies inside.
  • crosses The bridge crosses the river.
  • cruises My family and I are planning to go on two cruises this year.
  • cruses
  • Cues I always try and give my cues clearly.
  • curses She curses herself for forgetting her phone at home.
  • cusps The cusps of the teeth help in cutting and tearing apart food.
  • cuss
  • cusses She cusses a lot when she's angry.
  • douses She douses the fire with water before leaving the campsite.
  • Focuses The teacher focuses on encouraging her students to ask questions and explore new ideas.
  • gooses The flock of geese gooses at the farmer's field every morning.
  • Houses There are many different styles of houses in the neighborhood.
  • OSES Jose can't stop thinking about the new OSES software his company just purchased.
  • rouses The sound of the alarm clock next to my head rouses me from my sleep every morning.
  • souse I don't want to eat food that has been souse in vinegar for too long.
  • souses My mom souses the chicken in buttermilk before frying it.
  • uses

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