Correct spelling for COUSIANS

We think the word cousians is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for cousians

  • collins " Collins always managed to keep his eye on me, and knew my whereabouts and my doings, making me feel that at any moment he could come down on me if he chose.
  • Asians Many Indo-Canadians in the pre-1947 era had few choices for jobs, because South Asians until that year were unable to get the right of franchise, or the right to vote in British Columbian provincial elections.
  • Cations Unlike the ammonium ion (NH+4) and the primary, secondary, or tertiary ammonium cations, the quaternary ammonium cations are permanently charged, independent of the pH of their solution.
  • Coins Josephine seemed to be worrying lately, and her young fingers grew more greedy as they counted silver coins.
  • cassias In like manner, under the English rule, the monopoly of cinnamon was at first continued, with such disastrous consequences to the trade that it was finally abandoned in 1832, and the merchants of Colombo and Galle were left to divide among themselves the exportation of this important article, under an exporting duty of 3s. per lb. These duties, however, were found much too high, as the highest price obtainable in Europe was from 6s. to 7s. ; and this advance in the price to the trade of the genuine article, was the cause of foreign merchants turning their attention to the supply of various species of cinnamon-bearing laurels and cassias, growing in Cochin-China and Java.
  • cousins His cousins could well credit his statements.
  • cautions He added that it was indispensable for the States, upon their part, to offer "such sufficient cautions and assurances as she might in reason demand."
  • coupons "So's a swift kick from the bottom of a well," says I. With that I shakes off the pie crumbs and takes a chase up around the Flatiron, to watch the kids collectin' cigar coupons and take a look at the folks from the goshfry-mighty belt shiverin' in the rubberneck buggies.
  • Cubans Cubans; own half the island between them.
  • Russians
  • cosines If (x, y, z) is a point at the surface of the body, and l, m, n are the direction cosines of the outward normal at that point, these values of F, G, H are the component of the force that must be applied from outside to the surface at (x, y, z) to maintain the state of stress.
  • Caucasians There were extraordinarily healthy blacks, browns, Orientals, Amerinds, Caucasians.
  • Croatians The Italian dramatist Sem Benelli put the matter tersely: The collapse of Austria transforms itself therefore into a play of words, so much so that our people, who are much more precise because they languished under the Austrian yoke and the Austrian scourge, never call the Austrians by this name; they call them always Croatians, knowing well that the Croatians and the Slavs who constituted Austria were our fiercest taskmasters and most cruel executioners.
  • cushions "The cave itself was hung about with the most beautiful silken curtains and tapestries, and on the floor were spread rugs and carpets and cushions of Oriental magnificence.
  • coffins There are two coffins in this room, which contain the greater part of my past.
  • de-rive
  • ex-pertly
  • gunperson
  • monumentalizes

226 words made from the letters cousians

6 letter words made from cousians:

cousin, acuson, cusano, sousan, sonics, acious, casson, siouan, susica, usinas, conias, susian, causis, sancus, socius, cansos, casino, acinus, saosin, cossin, consus, sanusi, usonia, cusson, cosina, cassou, scanio, sansui, saucon, cussin, saison, aucoin, oscans, cassin, suisan, scions, acinos, asinus, cusion.

7 letter words made from cousians:

caisson, cussion, socinus, sanious, oniscus, cassino, suasion, cousins, coussin, acinous, cassoni, isacson.

3 letter words made from cousians:

icu, anu, sos, sac, iso, cio, ani, iou, con, ass, can, usa, sin, cos, sou, oca, uca, nsc, son, oas, sun, uns, ans, ain, ion, cns, sus, cia, cis, sis, nsu, sic, uni, oui.

4 letter words made from cousians:

inca, nous, coin, sian, iuno, aoun, sonu, scan, ainu, siau, nsui, nicu, cain, suin, onca, inoa, soua, suco, inus, noua, icon, icao, suoi, saun, unco, nuoc, cons, suos, anus, uaoc, coss, ciao, cuon, asio, asin, cuan, anio, sins, unio, osun, naso, scun, scsi, cans, caiu, coua, suao, cuss, suan, onus, suon, sion.

5 letter words made from cousians:

assin, canis, usain, suina, siano, ansco, casio, suica, soins, sosua, ascus, iacon, ciosu, sison, sonic, icons, sucia, ocain, nisos, onuci, sains, sansi, cinoa, asuni, scans, anous, couns, osuna, incus, osani, onias, nucis, nisas, unoci, scion, cissa, souci, oasis, ciona, casso, isoun, sians, sanso, sousa, caion, ciano, aunis, sisno, cosan, sisco, ousia, sanou, sason, uncos, saics, anios, insas, nassi, cions, assou, cusso, oscan, ossia, iancu, usian, nisus, nauss, sacoi, socan, cious, sonus, sinus, canio, issan, sasun, incas, sosin, noica, susno, causi, cossu, suona, ouais, siuan, nscsa, sunia, sunao, sinas, nisou.

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