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How to spell COUTED correctly?

The correct spelling for "couted" seems to be "counted". This common misspelling can be easily resolved with a few simple suggestions. Firstly, remember to replace the "o" with an "ou". Secondly, add the letter "n" after "t". By following these corrections, the word will be spelled correctly as "counted."

List of suggestions on how to spell couted correctly

  • Carted
  • catted
  • clotted
  • clouded
  • Clouted My tooth was clouted by the rogue popcorn ball.
  • Coasted She coasted down the bumpy road in her car.
  • coated He coated the chicken with breadcrumbs before frying it.
  • Codded I was codded by my teammates for coming up with the great idea.
  • CODED The message was coded to ensure its privacy.
  • COED Are you a COED?
  • Commuted I commuted to work every day on the train.
  • Cooed The lion cooed at the baby cub.
  • corded She kept a corded telephone next to the bed.
  • cote The farmer built a cozy cote for his flock of sheep.
  • Counted I counted the way down.
  • Courted She had always been a courted girl, but Tom was different.
  • coveted The award was highly coveted by all of the contestants.
  • CUED The cued poodle fetched a stick for the cat.
  • cute The puppy is so cute with its big eyes and fluffy fur.
  • cuter The puppy with the bow is cuter than the one without.
  • Grouted The drain had been grouted and the pipes were exposed.
  • Jotted I jotted down the information you gave me.
  • jousted The knights jousted before the tournament began.
  • outed She was afraid of being outed as transgender, but eventually decided to come out to her family and friends.
  • Pouted Despite her numerous attempts to cheer her up, the little girl just pouted and refused to smile.
  • routed The courier company routed the package to its correct destination.
  • scooted I quickly scooted out of the way as the car drove by.
  • Scouted The talent agent scouted for the next big star at the local talent show.
  • Touted The band is touted as one of the best new bands in town.

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