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How to spell COUTINE correctly?

If you meant "cuisine", you're in luck! Cuisine refers to a style or type of food. If that's not what you meant, it's possible you were trying to write "continue", meaning to keep going or progressing. Double check your spelling and context to ensure accuracy.

List of suggestions on how to spell coutine correctly

  • Clouting I saw the young boys clouting each other playfully with their toy swords.
  • coating The coating on my phone screen protected it from scratches.
  • cocaine Cocaine is a highly addictive stimulant drug that can have serious consequences on one's health.
  • codeine I obtained a painkiller codeine from the doctor.
  • continue
  • cootie
  • Corine My sister Corine is a beautiful woman.
  • Corrine After her mom died, Corrine felt like an outcast in her own home.
  • cosine
  • costing The new system of production will be much more efficient, ultimately costing the company less money.
  • counting I am counting the stars on the sky.
  • courting He was courting her all night long.
  • cousin
  • couture The fashion designer specialized in haute couture garments.
  • Cutie "Look at that little cutie sleeping in the crib!
  • outing The company organized an outing to the park for team building.
  • Pouting She was pouting after her team lost the game.
  • routine We have a routine at home of taking a walk outside.
  • Routing The routing process lets the computer know where to send the email.
  • scouting He spent his childhood scouting the woods and learning about nature.
  • Touting There's always someone aggressively touting a product near the entrance of the store.

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