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How to spell COUTS correctly?

If you've mistakenly typed "couts" instead of the correct spelling, here are some possible alternatives to consider: "costs", referring to expenses; "counts", relating to calculations or tallying; and "cuts", indicating slicing or reductions. Proper usage of these words will enhance your writing and prevent any confusion.

List of suggestions on how to spell couts correctly

  • bouts She has been experiencing bouts of depression lately.
  • clouts The young boy slapped the bully across the face with all his might, delivering several painful clouts.
  • coats During winter, people wear coats to keep themselves warm.
  • colts The colts were grazing peacefully in the green meadow.
  • coots The coots on the lake were honking loudly and splashing in the water.
  • Copts The Copts are an ethnic group of Egyptian Christians who trace their roots back to the first century AD.
  • costs The company's profits have decreased due to the rising costs of goods.
  • COTS The company purchased several cots for their employees to use during overnight travel.
  • counts She never skips leg day because every squat counts towards her fitness goals.
  • coups Many military coups have taken place throughout history.
  • courts The courts are overloaded with cases.
  • cuts The barber made precise cuts with his scissors to give the customer a clean and sharp haircut.
  • louts The party was ruined by the group of rowdy louts who refused to leave and caused a lot of commotion.
  • outs The team's struggling offense has resulted in a high number of outs.
  • pouts Whenever she gets upset, she pouts and refuses to talk to anyone for hours.
  • routs The soccer team suffered two consecutive routs in their last games.
  • scouts The scouts in the forest were searching for edible mushrooms.
  • touts The travel agency touts its all-inclusive packages to exotic destinations.

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