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How to spell CRACH correctly?

If you're struggling with the misspelling "crach", here are a few correct suggestions to consider: "crack", "crush", "crash", "crutch" or "crutch". Ensure that you choose the most appropriate word based on the context to effectively convey your message and avoid any confusion.

List of suggestions on how to spell crach correctly

  • breach The company suffered a major breach of their security system, resulting in the theft of sensitive customer information.
  • broach I will broach the subject of the budget cuts at the next meeting.
  • cache The web browser stores temporary files in the cache to load frequently visited websites faster.
  • cash
  • catch I will try to catch the ball before it lands on the ground.
  • coach The football coach was pleased with his team's performance during the game.
  • couch I am going to lie down on the couch and watch a movie tonight.
  • crab I had some delicious crab cakes for dinner.
  • crack I heard a loud crack in the middle of the night.
  • crag The climbers carefully scaled the jagged crag in search of a beautiful view.
  • cram I always cram for exams at the last minute, even though it's not the best strategy.
  • crash The car had a terrible crash and everyone was injured.
  • craw
  • Cray
  • creche I dropped off my daughter at the creche before heading to work.
  • crouch The cat began to crouch low to the ground, ready to pounce.
  • crunch I love the crunch of crispy fried chicken.
  • crush I have a crush on my best friend.
  • crutch After his skiing accident, he needed a crutch to help him walk.
  • curacy The curacy of the scientific experiment was called into question due to errors in the data collection.
  • preach The pastor stood at the pulpit and began to preach about forgiveness and acceptance.
  • rash He got a rash after spending all day in the sun.
  • reach
  • rich He was so rich that he could buy anything he wanted.
  • scratch

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