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How to spell CRAIVE correctly?

"Crave" is the correct spelling of the word often mistakenly written as "craive". It means to have a strong desire or longing for something. Other similar words with different meanings include "carve", "crevice" or "crave."

List of suggestions on how to spell craive correctly

  • arrive I expect to arrive at the airport by 3 PM.
  • brave She was brave enough to face her fears and try something new.
  • calve The whale will calve in the shallow waters off the coast.
  • carve
  • cave The cave was damp and chilly.
  • clive I encountered Clive at the station.
  • Crabbe This restaurant is known for its Crabbe.
  • Craig Craig likes to play games on his computer.
  • crane I saw a crane flying in the sky.
  • crape She wore a delicate crape shawl over her dress.
  • crate I need to get a crate for my new pet.
  • crave
  • craved He craved some chocolate after dinner.
  • craven The craven coward abandoned his comrades in the heat of battle.
  • craves After a long day at work, he craves a hot cup of tea.
  • craze
  • creative She has a very creative mind and always comes up with unique solutions to problems.
  • crime The police department is dedicating resources to reduce crime in the community.
  • cruise We decided to take a Caribbean cruise for our next vacation.
  • curative She needed a curative for her hangover.
  • cursive She taught me how to write cursive.
  • drive I had to drive to the airport to pick up my friend.
  • grave She stood before her grandfather's grave, tears streaming down her face.
  • rave The rave was insane.
  • rive The river had riven a deep rive through the rocky terrain.

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