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How to spell CRAKERS correctly?

If you are looking for the correct spelling of "crakers", here are some suggestions. The correct spelling is actually "crackers". So, next time you're searching for these delicious snacks, make sure to remember the correct spelling to find exactly what you're looking for!

List of suggestions on how to spell crakers correctly

  • brakes The car's brakes screeched as I came to a sudden stop.
  • breakers The waves crashed against the breakers, sending spray high into the air.
  • brokers There are many brokers in the stock market who help investors buy and sell stocks.
  • cakes I love to bake cakes on my free time.
  • cankers The fruit had several small cankers on its skin.
  • cookers The new restaurant has invested in high-quality cookers that allow chefs to prepare food quickly and efficiently.
  • corkers I've heard some corkers of jokes at this comedy club.
  • crabbers They used to be a fishermen's village, but now they're more commonly known as crabbers.
  • crackers I like to eat cheese and crackers as a snack.
  • cranes The construction site was filled with busy cranes lifting steel beams into place.
  • crapes I'm not going to eat that crapes.
  • craters The surface of the moon is covered in countless craters.
  • crates The workers unloaded the crates of fruits and vegetables from the truck.
  • craves
  • crazes One of the latest crazes in fashion is wearing neon colors.
  • criers Three criers were heard from a long way off.
  • drakes The drakes were exhibiting aggressive behavior towards each other during mating season.
  • graders My teachers are the best graders ever!
  • graters I need to buy new graters for my kitchen because my old ones are dull.
  • grazers The grazers are hungry again.
  • quakers The Quakers' peaceful principles have had a significant impact on society throughout history.
  • rakes The gardener used rakes to clean up the leaves.
  • trackers The park rangers used trackers to monitor the movements of the elusive mountain lions.

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