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How to spell CRAKEY correctly?

If you find yourself typing "crakey" instead of the intended word, consider these possible corrections. The term "cranky" refers to being irritable or ill-tempered. "Cracked" denotes something broken or damaged. "Creaky" describes a squeaky or worn-out object. Always proofread to catch such misspellings!

List of suggestions on how to spell crakey correctly

  • cagey I was rather cagey about my job situation.
  • cake
  • Carey Carolyn Carey needs to take better care of herself.
  • cracked After listening to the sad story, my heart was cracked.
  • crackly The firewood was dry and crackly, perfect for the campfire.
  • craggy The cliff face was craggy andpectacular.
  • cranky I'm feeling quite cranky today.
  • Cray
  • Creaked The old door creaked on its hinges.
  • creaky My staircase is really creaky.
  • Croaked The frog croaked before hopping away.
  • croaky She spoke in a croaky voice after spending hours cheering at the football game.
  • rake He used a rake to gather the fallen leaves.

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