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How to spell CRAKY correctly?

If you see the misspelling "craky", there are a few possible correct suggestions. It could be "cracky", meaning something fragile or prone to breaking. Alternatively, it might be "cranky", describing a person or mood that is irritable. Double-check the context to choose the most accurate spelling correction.

List of suggestions on how to spell craky correctly

  • cake I can't wait to eat a slice of delicious chocolate cake at the party tonight.
  • Cary Cary is a town in North Carolina that is known for its beautiful parks and great quality of life.
  • crack I've heard that smoking crack can lead to a crack addiction.
  • crackly The floor was crispy and crackly.
  • cracks My back might have some cracks from falling asleep on the couch yesterday.
  • crag The hiker climbed up the steep crag to reach the summit of the mountain.
  • craggy The hiker scrambled over the craggy rocks to reach the summit.
  • Craig Craig is married to a woman named Jillian.
  • crank She had to use a crank to lift the heavy bucket filled with water from the well.
  • cranky I've noticed that I tend to be more cranky in the morning if I haven't had my cup of coffee.
  • craw
  • Cray Ray Cray is considered one of the greatest Pool players of all time.
  • crazy The movie I watched last night had a crazy twist ending that I didn't see coming.
  • creak The old wooden door began to creak as I pushed it open.
  • creaks My door makes a markedly loud 'creaks' every time it's opened.
  • creaky The old wooden stairs were so creaky that it was hard to sneak up on anyone.
  • croak The frog let out a loud croak as it leaped into the pond.
  • croaks The frog in the pond croaks loud enough to hear from a mile away.
  • croaky My voice became very croaky after shouting at the concert all night.
  • cry
  • gray I have the gray phone.
  • rake I need to rake the leaves in the yard before winter comes.

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