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How to spell CRAZEY correctly?

If you've encountered the misspelling "crazey", worry not! A more accurate rendition would be "crazy". This simple correction aligns with standard English spelling, giving your text a polished and professional touch. Always double-check when in doubt, but "crazy" will rarely steer you wrong.

List of suggestions on how to spell crazey correctly

  • braze The welder had to braze the two pieces of metal together.
  • Carey I had a dream about Carey last night.
  • Casey I'm going to ask for a case of Casey's for my birthday.
  • crane The birds were getting tired of the crane's incessant singing.
  • cranes The construction site was filled with cranes towering over the city skyline.
  • crape The crape surrounding the old man's shoulders fluttered in the breeze as he navigated the cobblestone road.
  • crapes I threw out all of my crapes.
  • crate I must get a crate for my new puppy.
  • crates I found a box of old crates in the alley.
  • crave I always crave for chocolate cake after dinner.
  • craves My sister craves chocolate every day.
  • Cray Cray Computers are some of the most powerful computers in the world.
  • craze The craze for throwing chicken bones into the swimming pool has died down.
  • crazed The crazed clown was scaring everyone in the circus tent.
  • crazes Fads and crazes tend to come and go quickly.
  • crazier My friend is crazier than I am.
  • crazies I try not to engage with the crazies on social media.
  • crazily I was so crazily excited for our party that I could barely contain myself.
  • crazy I'm so crazy about you that I can't stop thinking about you.
  • graze The cows were allowed to graze in the pasture during the day.
  • grazed The cow grazed in the field all morning.
  • Grazer
  • grazes The horse gently grazes in the field, enjoying the lush green grass.
  • raze The city officials have decided to raze the old abandoned building to make space for a new park.

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