Correct spelling for CREAP

We think the word creap is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for creap

  • cap Indeed he wore at Lady Griffin's, last week, his red cap of Liberty, and looked quite distinguished in it."
  • cramp It looked horrible; he was quite white, and his mouth seemed to have stiffened in a smiling cramp.
  • crape One day at the Club he complained of a severe pain in his back, and the very next day he was shocked to find his son-in-law dressed in sombre black with a strip of crape around his arm.
  • craps Only the man at the craps-table, without turning his head, continued to roll the dice and to cry: Oh!
  • craw What's got into your craw, sonny?
  • creak How they would creak and groan when she set her feet on them!
  • cream We'll carry ice cream and sell cake and tell people how awfully good a chocolate cake that hasn't been cut yet looks so they'll want a piece of that to take home to one of the children who couldn't come.
  • cree By the time the Cree watchman discovers that the "Go-Quick-Her" has taken the bit in her teeth, the runaway with tail-sweep set has turned the next corner of the Athabasca.
  • creep She had been, in the first place, in the most wonderful houses-The Earl of Twinkerton's, Bambary House, Wiltshire, was the greatest of these, and she had been there for ten years; there were also Lady Mettlesham, the Duchess of Cranburn, and, to Peter, the most interesting of all, Mr. Henry Galleon, the famous novelist who was so famous that American ladies used to creep into his garden and pick leaves off his laurels.
  • creeper Even the background and all the details were admirably conceived and rendered,-the crumbling, lichened wall, in cold gray, with the gnarled root of the creeper and the wreath of purple blossoms, in sharp contrast to the pallor of the face and the bold assurance of the figure.
  • creeps But when he sees Martin sitting with a deeply flushed face amidst a swarm of rollicking carousers, he creeps back into the darkness, as if he were afraid to meet him.
  • creepy More than all, I had one of those strong nowhere-born-nowhere-cradled intuitions common to those living in the stock-gambling world, which made me feel the creepy shadow of coming events.
  • crepe But she gazes beyond the salon, back into the big dining hall, where the white crepe myrtle grows.
  • crew Yonder's Johnnie coming noo; He looks the best of a' the crew!
  • crop That particular crop of turnips had nothing at all to do with the system at large, but the farmer could see nothing else.
  • croup But the trouble is, that when diphtheria or anything like it comes up suddenly like this, without any reason that nobody can see, it is just as likely to come up again without any reason, and I am expecting to hear every day of another of them Thompson children being stricken down; and I was very sorry indeed, Mrs. Cliff, to see, this very morning, Willy Croup coming out of Barney Thompson's house and to hear from her afterwards that she had been to order him to come here to put up a new kitchen door, which I do not suppose is absolutely needed, and even if it is, I am sure I would wait a good while before I would have Barney Thompson come into my house with diphtheria, that very minute, perhaps, in the throats of one or maybe more of his children; but of course, if people choose to trifle with their own lives, it is their own business."
  • grape Not one of the artistic effects that puzzle newspaper-reporters and delight the public is lacking,-neither fountains of eau-de-cologne, nor tables of flowers upon which blocks of ice gleam from among nodding ferns, nor mirrors and chandeliers hung with wreaths of roses, nor the legendary grape-vine with colossal grapes.
  • rap Madame Daunoy, who lodged at court, heard one night an august footstep in the hall and a kingly rap on the bolted door of a lady of honor.
  • reap The commonwealth will ne'er reap harm from him.
  • recap I originally wrote the report for Bob Carroll's signature and for my signature, and left it with the captain to be typed while we moved over in another office to get a cup of coffee and sort of calm down and recap the events.
  • rep Its faded curtains of blue rep, its buff walls, on which the pictures and miniatures in their tarnished gilt frames were arranged at intervals in stiff patterns and groups; the Italian glass, painted with dilapidated Cupids, over the mantel-piece; the two or three Sheraton arm-chairs and settees, covered with threadbare needle-work from the days of "Evelina"; a carpet of old and well-preserved Brussels-blue arabesques on a white ground; one or two pieces of old satin-wood furniture, very fine and perfect; a heavy centre-table, its cloth garnished with some early Victorian wool-work, and a pair of pink glass vases; on another small table close by, of a most dainty and spindle-legged correctness, a set of Indian chessmen under a glass shade; and on another a collection of tiny animals, stags and dogs for the most part, deftly "pinched" out of soft paper, also under glass, and as perfect as when their slender limbs were first fashioned by Cousin Mary Leicester's mother, somewhere about the year that Marie Antoinette mounted the scaffold.
  • scrap Scrap opened her eyes and looked straight at Mrs. Fisher.
  • wrap Let me get my wrap.
  • Cray "Fatiguing-" He sat back in his chair and laughed, and Mr. Cray, delighted at the prospect of getting rid so easily of a tiresome guest, laughed too.
  • Crept I crept forth, listening breathlessly.
  • GREP Then the brethren of Grep began to spring up and clamour and swear that they would either bring avengers upon the whole fleet of Erik, or would fight him and ten champions with him.

47 words made from the letters creap

3 letter words made from creap:

car, aec, par, apr, cer, ace, arc, rap, per, ape, are, apc, cap, cpr, pea, arp, epa, pac, ear, rep, era, pre, cpa, crp, prc.

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