Correct spelling for CREATATION

We think the word creatation is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for creatation

  • Cremation(Definition of cremation)
  • Then he had been desired to superintend the cremation of a favourite cat.

  • Rotation(Definition of rotation)
  • He showed, moreover, that the latter supposition must attribute an almost infinite velocity to the stars, so that the rotation of the entire universe around the earth was clearly a preposterous supposition.

    On hot rotation, a winning combination

    – Radio Station by Run D.M.C.
  • Gestation(Definition of gestation)
  • These often occur in connection with what is called ectopic or extra-uterine gestation, namely, when the nascent human form lodges in some recess not intended by nature for its abode.

  • Gradation(Definition of gradation)
  • He declared that he knew some of the freebooters very well and that at the most they were poor, misdirected wretches who had, by easy gradation, slid into their present evil ways, from having been tempted by the government authorities to enter into privateering in the days of the late war.

  • Graduation(Definition of graduation)
  • Graduation being past, the members of the three upper classes were rather promptly embarked on three of the most modern battleships of the navy and sent to sea for the summer practice cruise.

    Demon in the sack is her reputation In school then she is graduation

    – Oops Up by snap
  • Creation(Definition of creation)
  • The divine thought in creation and its result are separated by no possibility of failure.

582.33333333333 words made from the letters creatation

3 letter words made from creatation:

era, can, tie, ore, oct, ira, cat, con, car, ace, cot, ton, ion, ret, ice, ern, tar, art, cia, tai, ert, eat, ant, eon, ane, ear, etc, one, rot, rna, ain, tot, tec, tit, act, tic, nrc, arc, oar, tat, oca, roe, rat, aec, ten, tri, iaa, tao, rit, tia, ana, are, not, ate, crt, tea, air, ire, tor, tan, ter, ceo, aar, ara, tin, cro, eta, oat, cio, nec, tnt, ent, net, otc, ani, cer, roc, tet, nit, toe, neo, ron, ect, rio.

5 letter words made from creatation:

aotea, artio, erato, inara, citta, itter, iacon, caton, canio, cerna, etica, earnt, atoni, catta, atroa, arani, aiton, arcti, carat, ecton, canta, ation, canet, corte, crine, arico, canot, cotai, aitor, nacer, atrai, itata, aiona, erica, naoac, canor, carni, anier, canai, itoen, irate, atora, caito, attan, etian, corta, aceto, atina, actio, coari, ciona, acter, carno, caner, cirta, attia, attic, atone, einat, arcae, cairo, actia, arcot, craon, eatin, naota, cotan, cient, anoia, centi, narai, ianto, intra, artin, crone, aeria, aorae, acero, ciena, intro, cerat, aorta, attar, enitt, citor, conta, certa, crato, inter, crate, aarti, actor, ercan, crane, caria, croan, natio, aaron, iater, anter, cairn, coate, eiron, cione, arent, ariot, incae, arato, antai, caret, ciano, cinae, croat, artec, carte, irena, itera, corna, coati, ictrn, cotti, erion, citro, cinta, iatro, coner, caroe, cania, crena, cotte, cerio, aecia, arone, catto, caion, antic, nacre, atrio, creno, cetto, corne, creon, actin, caire, acone, nario, cante, naret, erian, acorn, entia, certo, anari, atire, creta, arati, crean, conti, itten, canto, arain, intar, acier, arine, canoe, naira, ertan, irone, arano, cinto, cetti, crati, ancre, coire, iteco, cinoa, iraan, cinar, aneto, naito, intoe, inert, corni, cnote, natta, citra, enact, ittar, cantt, areni, cater, airan, canoa, areca, areia, ircon, ceron, coria, arena, atric.