Correct spelling for CREATIE

We think the word creatie is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for creatie

  • Create
  • He had not one, and it took him a year to create an army.

  • Crate
  • "i am leaning on a crate which seems easy to move," i reported.

  • Creator
  • He had to choose between the life of the money-maker or that of the creator of a new field of knowledge.

  • Crater
  • "this," said the o. c., drawing aside from the road, and riding to a slightly rising ground, "is la boiselle, or at least where it was, and that i fancy is the famous mine crater.

  • Greater
  • 17,059. of what greater width is it made?

  • Creature
  • She is a wonderful creature.

  • Creative
  • Still, in full measure, the sense of creative activity belongs only to genuine creation; in literature we must never forget that.

  • Crete
  • 44. it was this polycrates then, prosperous in all things, against whom the lacedemonians were making an expedition, being invited by those samians who afterwards settled at kydonia in crete, to come to their assistance.

  • Cretin
  • A slobbering, boss-eyed cretin chops wood at my side, and when i rise to try a snap on the women and the children they hide behind the walls.

  • Creates
  • In doing this, the naturalist creates so many new classes, which are by no means those to which the individual animal is familiarly and spontaneously referred; nor should we ever think of assigning to them so prominent a position in our arrangement of the animal kingdom, unless for a preconceived purpose of scientific convenience.

  • Great
  • I find from the index in our workers' book that the number is upwards of 300. i believe, however, that a great number of the knitters who appear in our books will also appear in the books of other merchants.

  • Croat
  • Chief of state: chairman of the presidency nebojsa radmanovic (chairman of the presidency since 10 november 2010; presidency member since 1 october 2006 - serb); other members of the three-member presidency rotate every eight months: bakir izetbegovic (presidency member since 3 october 2010 - bosniak); zeljko komsic (presidency member since 1 october 2006 - croat)

  • Curate
  • He took orders in the english church, being ordained deacon by dr. jackson, bishop of london, in 1877. four years later he was admitted to the priesthood, and he served for thirteen years as curate to the rev.

  • Creating
  • The heat of the sun has lasted countless ages; yet we cannot credit the sun with the power of actually creating heat.

  • Cremate
  • “old rutton singh’s sword was half out, though, and he swore he’d cremate every khye-kheen and malot he killed.

  • Created
  • On the 1st of august, 1776, the viceroyalty of buenos aires was created.

  • Retie
  • Grate
  • It was furnished cosily as a library, and a cheerful fire burned in the big open grate.

149 words made from the letters creatie

3 letter words made from creatie:

tic, air, tri, tec, eat, rit, ace, are, cat, act, cer, crt, tea, tar, tia, ice, era, ter, ire, aec, arc, art, rat, etc, eec, tie, tai, eta, ert, ate, ect, ear, cia, ira, tee, car, ret.

6 letter words made from creatie:

tierce, cierta, erecta, recite, rectae, cartee, cetera, ecarte, eteria, etrace, aceite, create, ariete, cerate, tearce, cerati, raetic, citrea, eratic, receat.

4 letter words made from creatie:

5 letter words made from creatie:

crati, creta, cirta, itera, arete, atire, cerat, crete, retia, cater, crate, iater, etica, certa, acter, trece, recai, teera, ratee, cerae, arcee, erice, recta, caere, ticer, retie, caret, carte, trice, recti, artec, erect, trace, eteri, raite, terai, atric, terce, tiree, acree, acier, eater, aerie, teare, citra, irate, raeti, arcti, citee, recit, react, caire, reate, erica, teria.